If you’ve been a fan of The Peters Company for a while now, you have probably already jammed out to the first home search playlist that came out in 2015! Here at The Peters Co., we love music.  We love selling houses too (obviously!). And we love nothing more than combining two of our favorite


When it comes to your home, winter is always an expensive time of year. Here are a few smart ways to save a little money inside of your home! Take advantage of the sun: Open those curtains during the day and let the sun heat your home. Just remember to close the curtains at night, to


In small towns, come small family owned Coffee Shops. I love the feel of small, hole in the wall type coffee houses. The vibe and atmosphere are hard to compete with when it comes to big chain coffee shops that you can find on every corner. I love to stop by to listen to music,


Were you one of the many Georgians caught off guard by the unexpected snow storm recently? I sure was! I think our meteorologists may have been too as they only predicted about an inch of snow… boy were they wrong! I hadn’t run to store to buy ALL the bread and milk, my kids didn’t


Now that there is a chill in the air, many people might be wondering what fun things they can take part in around town. Well, lucky for you, Atlanta is always offering all sorts of entertainment. Below is a small list of events that we think sound like a lot of fun! MLK Day Commemoration

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