Do you remember the last time you went out to eat? Did the hostess ask you how many were in your party, seat you accordingly, and let you know the server’s name? Did the server take your drink order and your food order to be given to the kitchen? Behind the kitchen door, were you


The Beltline is no secret to Atlantians, but there are some new and exciting things happening on the Beltline that will be worth checking out this Spring and Summer! And with the City of Atlanta recently purchasing the railroad corridor that will close the Southside “loop” expect more changes throughout the next year! Visit Now:


It’s Spring y’all. And when the weather gets nice, enjoying a tasty brew seems to be right on point for the crowd here in Atlanta. Speaking of brews, we have quite a few breweries around town worth checking out. So next time your plans are up in the air, why not stop by and grab


Spring is here, and that means one thing in Georgia, POLLEN. Even if you try to avoid the outdoors during the high pollen count, it can seem as you’re laying in a field of flowers when you’re inside your home. If you’re like the majority and want to avoid watery eyes, scratchy throat and itchy

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