It’s Fall Y’all!

October 1st, 2015

IMG_5239Ahhhh! Welcome to fall.  The cool crisp air is among us (in the mornings!) and we can start to enjoy the outside without sweating to death.  Wonder what’s going on around town when taking a break from getting out your boots, scarves, and baking pumpkin everything? I was curious too.  Here are my top 5 things to do, it’s time to dust off the boots and get out of the city for a day!

1. Georgia Apple Festival ::  On October 10-17, this festival is a short drive to Ellijay, GA.  With arts and crafts, a classic car show, parade, apple pie recipe contest and of course apple picking, you’ll find something for everyone in your family.  Admission is only $5.00 and kids 10 and under are free.

2. Helen Oktoberfest :: This year will mark the 45th annual Oktoberfest in Helen, which makes it the longest running in the United States! Starting on September 17 and running through November 1, you’ll find plenty of beer, brats, lederhosen! Or take a dance partner to do the polka to one of the many German-style bands that will be preforming.  Tickets are $8.00 MondayFriday, $10.00 on Saturday, and Sunday’s are free!

3. Georgia Mountain Fall Festival :: From October 9-17 get on up to Hiawassee, GA.  Not only does this festival have all the usual things (music and arts /crafts) it also has a pioneer village and “old ways” demo.  Let your kids see how and old mountain town used to look and operate in the pioneer village and learn how to quilt, make soap, or how to be a blacksmith in the “old ways” demonstrations.  Tickets are $12.00 and children 12 and under are free.  Parking is also free!

4. The Rock Ranch :: It’s a quick trip to this hidden gem in The Rock, GA.  Hay rides, corn maze, pony rides, petting zoo, and pedal cars are just a few of the numerous activities The Ranch has to offer.  Seriously, there are more activities than I could name, you’ll certainly spend the whole day here! This is definitely on my list for fall! Tickets are $15.00 per person (age 2 and up).

5. The Peters Co. Pumpkin Patch :: Yep! Our very own pumpkin patch for our awesome clients, friends, and families! This event is The Peters Company’s favorite event of the year! We’ll have a pumpkin for each family to take home, jumpy house, cotton candy, popcorn, and much, much, more! Mark your calendars now for October 18 and be on the lookout for your invitation in your mailbox soon!

Written by Katelyn Sheffield, The Peters Company Transaction Coordinator

Just Listed :: Charming Townhome in Smyrna!

September 30th, 2015

904 Spring Heights Lane SE Flyer front904 Spring Heights Lane SE Flyer back

Welcome home! The Heights at Spring Road is a wonderful community in the incredibly popular and fast growing Smyrna area of Cobb County. The open floor plan, custom features, and charming character of this townhome will never go out of style. The close proximity to I-285 and I-75 makes this property convenient to and from any direction. You’ll also have easy access to the other highways, byways, and activities that make this location such a well-loved destination. You will certainly enjoy being only minutes to Smyrna Market Village, Vinings shopping, several city parks, and SunTrust Field (future home of the Braves).

  • Kitchen features ample cabinet space, large pantry, and breakfast bar.
  • The spacious living room boasts a vaulted ceiling, cozy gas starter fireplace, and plenty of natural light.
  • The separate dining area is perfect for entertaining guests or casual meals at home.
  • The master suite is a true retreat including a walk-in closet, private master bathroom, and access to the balcony.
  • Additional bedroom and bathroom are well-sized and bright.
  • Laundry conveniently located in the unit.
  • The covered balcony is ideal for outdoor enjoyment.
  • One car garage easily fits vehicle with extra storage space.
  • Wonderful amenities include gated/secure access and a well-maintained pool.
  • Great location close to interstates, shopping, and restaurants!

Fun in Your Brookhaven Backyard

September 29th, 2015

Reid at Murphey Candler ParkI recently took a week off from work and had a little “staycation” with my husband and young son. Instead of just hitting all the usual Atlanta hot spots, we decided to explore our own little city of Brookhaven. Sure enough, we realized that there are so many fun things to do right in our own backyard! One of our favorite activities is going to the park and luckily Brookhaven has no shortage of great parks. We knew most of these existed and had probably been to many of them before, but this time we really took advantage of all they have to offer. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Murphey Candler :: I have been visiting this park since I was a little girl. Back then the main attraction was feeding the ducks. Now I’ve come to realize that this park has so much more to offer! Not only are there playgrounds and picnic areas, but wonderful walking/running trails all around the lake! They are safe enough for young children and easy enough for all fitness levels (including this out of shape, pregnant lady). We love that this park makes you feel like you’ve escaped the city for a fun outdoor adventure when in reality it’s only a short drive down the road!
  • Ashford Park :: We drive past this park on a daily basis, yet we had really never visited it before. We’ve been missing out! The park has a plethora of outside toys and play equipment for kids to play with which was certainly a big hit! There are also tennis courts, a pavilion, and clubhouse for public use. We loved that there are plenty of other families around which makes for tons of potential pals for your little one (and maybe even you). Definitely one to check out if you’re in the area!
  • Briarwood Park :: This park has really improved over the last few years. New playground equipment, renovated pool and rec facilities, and a cute community garden are all wonderful updates recently made. This park was often ignored in the past due to kind of a bad reputation, but now it’s a very popular hangout! Fun fact: The City of Brookhaven recently hired a flock of sheep to come clear out all the ivy and kudzu around the park. Needless to say, it was quite a hit with kids and parents alike!
  • Peachtree DeKalb Airport :: This park/playground is a hidden gem. Ok, it’s technically located in Chamblee, but it’s pretty popular with the Brookhaven crowd. Its great location right on the Chamblee/Brookhaven line makes it super convenient. Being able to play on a playground, eat lunch at a picnic table, and watch airplanes take off and land is so much fun, not only for our two year old, but my husband and me as well!
  • Blackburn Park :: This is another park that I drive by almost daily. It’s also the one that we had probably spent the least amount of time in. Again, I realized that we had been missing out! The playgrounds are great, there is plenty of green space for the kids to run around in, and it has a great tennis center if that’s your thing. The City of Brookhaven also hosts a weekly food truck night here during the spring, summer, and fall months which is delicious. You should definitely check it out!

Reid at Blackburn ParkAs you can tell, the City of Brookhaven has really made parks a priority. This short list doesn’t even begin to cover a handful of other fabulous parks around the area. I can assure you that you’ll find all of them convenient, well-maintained, and down right fun! If you need help exploring Brookhaven, give The Peters Company a call! We love living, working, and PLAYING in Brookhaven!

Written by Heather Thomas, Listing Coordinator

So you think you’re slick not using an agent…

September 24th, 2015

I love it when a prospective homebuyer tells me that they have an agent, but they aren’t sure they are going to use them. [to be read with extreme sarcasm] Or how about when someone wants to represent themselves because they don’t need an agent? These buyers might think they’re being slick, but there’s a fair amount of riverboat gambling going on there. Let me debunk a few myth misconceptions about the real estate business.

  1. “I don’t want to fool with a real estate agent so I’m just going to ‘cut to the chase and make my offer to the agent directly. Agents like agents. It’s a lot easier for an agent to reason with another agent, separating the emotion from logic, than it is to effectively communicate with a party to a transaction directly. Also, agents are going to prepare their clients appropriately so they know what to expect and why to expect it. If all things were equal, I’d much prefer to have an agent on the other side of a transaction because it just makes the transaction smoother for everyone. This is a sentiment shared by most agents I know. Transactions without an agent on the other side at some point or another are bound to get awkward.
  2. “Without an agent representing me, I’m going to save those agent fees. Sales commissions are agreed upon upfront between the Seller and the agent in the listing agreement before the property is ever even put on the market. The listing agent agrees to split or provide compensation for the agent who brings the buyer. If you don’t have an agent, you’re not saving 3-4%. The listing agent is simply making double the money. The listing agreement controls the commission in the transaction unless otherwise agreed upon in writing in the sales agreement. If the sales commission is already set and going to be paid regardless, why would you not want an agent representing you in the transaction?
  3. “I don’t need representation because my attorney can draw up my contract for me. Representation is more than drawing up paperwork. Representation is ensuring that you aren’t overpaying or that you’re not missing a key defect or red flag surrounding a property. A quality agent representing a buyer provides wise counsel throughout the process and has access to highly vetted vendors and service providers such as contractors, lenders, movers, etc. who ensure you have what you need when you need it. Currently 1/3 of under contract transactions are terminated for one reason or another prior to reaching the closing table. When deals don’t close, attorneys still have to be paid for their time regardless. Real estate agents are only compensated with a closed deal. Don’t lose the house and get stuck with a massive attorney bill!
  4. “I can get all the information I need off Zillow or Trulia. We get this one a lot. While the internet is certainly changing the way we all do real estate, it’s not a one stop shop. The internet is only as good as the information that’s uploaded to it, and these two websites have a lot of garbage information pulled from tax records and slowly updated or glitchy MLS feeds. Trulia and Zillow’s business plan is built around advertising and their ability to sell buyer leads from their sites to real estate agents. To look it as anything more than that would be naive. Would you choose WebMD vs a primary care physician? Of course you wouldn’t! It’s a good starting point perhaps for research, but ultimately you have to have personal care and attention. Going at one of the largest investments of your life without a professional by your side is not advised.

You’d expect me to advocate the use of real estate agents since I am one, but I hope you’ll consider the pitfalls, liabilities and risks associated with not using an agent. If you’ve used an agent in the past and been burned, you’re one of many people we talk to every week. I’m here to tell you that not all real estate agents are created equal. At The Peters Company we tell all of our clients upfront that we want this to be the best real estate transaction of their life, and then we go and make it happen through first class representation. Looking for a Metro Atlanta home and want agent representation? Call us today at 404-419-3619!

Written by Andy Peters

Sink or Swim with a Swimming Pool in Metro Atlanta???

September 22nd, 2015


About 2 years ago, we got the wild hair that we wanted to move! Why? So, we could have a house with a pool! Hard to believe, I know! You’d think you could just join a neighborhood pool or use the public pool around the corner. But, we wanted our very own swimming pool!

And, just like you, we’ve heard all the reasons NOT to have a house with a pool:

  • Huge Investment to Install
  • Costly to Maintain
  • Lots of Liability
  • Can’t Re-Coup Costs when Sell
  • Many Buyers Don’t Want a Home with a Pool

However, we got to neutral on all of the negatives pretty quickly.

  • A pool is a huge investment. But, in Atlanta, our swimming season can last a good 5 months and maybe even 6 if you have a heated pool. So, the reward to us far outweighed the investment.
  • A pool is costly to maintain. Yet, with today’s salt water pools and more energy efficient pumps, the costs have decreased. There are also several things you can do to keep costs down (use a pool cover, run the filter at night, clean your filters, and maintain proper chemical balances).
  • There are definitely risks and responsibilities with pool ownership. Having older children that are excellent swimmers helps. And, installing a privacy fence with gates that latch/lock are also imperative for any pool owner.
  • We may not recoup all the costs associated with the pool over the years. However, a pool adds to our family’s enjoyment of our home. And, there is truly no price tag for that!
  • Yes, there are some buyers that absolutely do NOT want a home with a pool. As real estate agents ourselves, we’ve found that those buyers make up a very small percentage of homebuyers at large. And, I’d venture to say that for every homebuyer that is adamant against having a pool, there is one that would pay more to have a home with a pool. In fact, they may want a pool so badly that they are willing to get over the home’s features that they dislike because it has a pool.

11301516_10100747373274792_2132202674_nFast forward 2 years at The Peters Home… I can say without a shadow of doubt that putting in a pool has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Not only do our children enjoy it almost daily, but our neighbors and friends have enjoyed it as well! Our house has even become quite the party palace and I’d say it’s all because of the pool. And, there’s something about sitting outside at night on our laptops working by the pool. It gives you the feeling that you are on vacation ~ even if it is right in your very own backyard.

Have I sold you on putting in your very own pool? If so, I recommend calling Ron Heller at Artisan Pools ( His background in landscape architecture gives him the knowledge and vision to design the perfect pool. And, if you decide that you don’t want to service your pool alone, I highly recommend Luke Pool Service ( They are simply the BEST!

Don’t have the space to install a pool of your very own? We’d love to help you search for a Metro Atlanta home with a pool! Give us a call today at 404-419-3619 to get your search started!

Written by Lesley Peters

Just Listed :: Adorable Condo in Villa Sonoma!

September 22nd, 2015

10 Perimeter Summit Blvd#3114 Flyer front

Welcome home! Nestled in the popular Villa Sonoma community, this condo is just what you’ve been looking for. The open floor plan, custom features, and charming character will never go out of style. Being close to I-285 and GA400 makes virtually all commutes a breeze. You’ll also have easy access to the highways, byways, and activities that make this location such a well loved destination! Being in this booming area also means you can enjoy many nearby restaurants and shopping spots!


· Kitchen features stainless steel appliances, granite counters, and breakfast bar.

· Separate dining area is perfect for entertaining guests or casual meals at home.

· The spacious living room boasts tall ceilings, neutral colors, and gleaming hardwood floors.

· The bedroom features a large walk-in closet with built-in shelving.

· Bathroom has a vanity with stone countertop and large garden tub.

· Laundry conveniently located in unit.

· Wonderful community amenities include secure access, a well-maintained pool, clubhouse, media room, gym facilities, and walking trails.


September 17th, 2015


Back in 2004 when Lesley and I moved to Brookhaven, we were backhanded by our realtor at the time and labeled “yuppies” for our abandonment of the suburbs and affinity for, at that time, a pioneering pocket of our great city of Atlanta. I remember being pretty offended by the label “yuppie.” After all, it had always held a negative connotation in my vocabulary, but then I actually looked up the word and got a little more comfortable. The source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, describes it this way:

A yuppie (/ˈjʌpi/; short for “young urban professional” or “young upwardly-mobile professional”) is defined by one source as being “a young college-educated adult who has a job that pays a lot of money and who lives and works in or near a large city” (Wikipedia)

I don’t know about the “lot of money” part because I was a water boy at the time selling drinking water and Lesley was a schoolteacher. We weren’t exactly rolling in the dough. We were young, and we were aspiring professionals. Oh, and we had a college degree, and I guess we were upwardly mobile. Nailed it! We were yuppies! It just took me some time to get to neutral on the term.

Once the epitome of yuppie, you’ll see Brookhaven today filled with baby strollers as all the yuppies, myself included, just stayed put while family happened. This would be a logical gentrification cycle for any area, further legitimizing a community. Atlanta continues to grow through the creation of jobs, lower cost of living, and pleasant climate, and young professionals are moving here in droves. Other areas strongly attracting the young professional crowd include Midtown, Virginia Highland, Decatur, and East Atlanta. So where’s the next big yuppie destination? This is a little risky and may be perhaps hard to see right now, but I think Doraville is going to go yuppity yup yup over the next 10-20 years. With the GM plant being redeveloped into movie studios and super affordable housing still existing slightly inside and outside the top end perimeter, I think you’ll start seeing some major investments made in the Doraville community. You heard it here first!

So, the next time you hear an area referred to as “yuppie,” remember that it’s really not a bad thing. You might want to figure out what’s yup with that.

Written by Andy Peters (opinion only)

Just Listed :: Charming Townhome in Marietta’s Salem Ridge!

September 17th, 2015

1416 Old Virginia Court SE Flyer Front

Welcome home! Nestled in the quiet Salem Ridge community, this townhome is just what you’ve been looking for. The flowing floor plan, custom features, and charming character will never go out of style. Being close to I-285 and I-75 makes virtually all commutes a breeze. You’ll also have easy access to the highways, byways, and activities that make this location such a well loved destination! Being in this booming area of Cobb also means you can enjoy many nearby restaurants and shopping spots!


  • Kitchen features plenty of cabinet and counter space.
  • Separate dining area is perfect for entertaining guests or casual meals at home.
  • The family room boasts tall ceilings, neutral colors, and a cozy gas starter fireplace.
  • The master bedroom features a large walk-in closet and private master bathroom.
  • Additional bedroom has a walk-in closet, attached bathroom, and is well-sized.
  • Laundry room conveniently located upstairs.
  • Outdoor space includes a large patio ideal for outdoor enjoyment which leads out to the private backyard.

Spotlight on Atlanta Architect J.P. Curran with Curran and Co.

September 15th, 2015

IMG_5082On Thursday evening, Andy and I had the great pleasure of attending Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Premiere Party for the Serenbe Designer 2015 Showcase Home. Best yet… we were guests of our personal architect and friend, J.P. Curran, who was the architect of the gorgeous 2015 showhome.

And, I should say that there are very few individuals that would make me want to drive through torrential downpours, flooded interstates, and Braves traffic with Andy Peters behind the wheel. (If you’ve seen Andy drive, you know what I’m talking about.) But, for me, J.P. Curran is one of those people! He created our very own dream home for us in Brookhaven 2 years ago! And, not a day goes by, that I’m not thankful for our home that he so artfully designed!

Serenbe HouseYou see, J.P. has a knack for listening. I’ll never forget the first time we met with him. He was so quiet and reserved. (I’m accustomed to real estate agents who talk non-stop!) J.P. listened! Like really listened. Andy and I walked out of that meeting thinking there would be many, many more to follow as J.P. learned more about what we were looking for. We were wrong. We opened the first drawings a couple of weeks later and were absolutely AMAZED at how he had captured the home we’d been dreming of but just couldn’t put into details or words!

One of my biggest hang-ups with a home is when I drive by and can tell exactly what decade it was built! JP’s background from Historical Concepts has provided him with a background in traditional architecture and planning that will NEVER go out of style. And, I love that you’ll drive by my home 20 years from now and not realize it was built in 2014!

In our team meeting, just this morning, one of our agents was discussing a builder and said, “Gosh, I just wished they built prettier houses!” Andy and I immediately chimed in, “It’s not about the builder. It’s ALL about the ARCHITECT!”

JM Architect PaperIf you are looking to build a new construction home in Atlanta, I cannot recommend J.P. Curran from Curran and Co enough! His homes are simply stunning. In fact, go check one out for yourself!

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Serenbe 2015 Showhouse will be open through October 4th on Thursdays-Saturdays from 10-6 and Sundays from 12-6. For more information, visit

P.S. Our family thinks so highly of J.P. that our son, JM, wants to be an architect too! Check out his latest writing paper from school!

Written by Lesley Peters

Just Listed :: Beautiful Traditional in Canton’s Wentworth!

September 14th, 2015

221 Wentworth Drive Flyer front221 Wentworth Drive Flyer back

Welcome Home! Wentworth is a wonderful neighborhood located in the popular and fast growing Canton area. The flowing floor plan, custom features, and charming character of this home will never go out of style. The close proximity to I-575, I-75, and Sixes Road makes virtually all commutes a breeze! You’ll enjoy being only minutes from restaurants and shopping spots!


· Kitchen features ample cabinet and counter space, pantry, and breakfast area.

· Separate dining room is perfect for entertaining.

· Spacious family room boasts a soaring ceiling and cozy gas starter fireplace.

· Formal living room could easily be used as a home office or playroom.

· Master suite is a true retreat including a trey ceiling, dual closets, and private master bathroom.

· Spa-like master bathroom features a double vanity, garden tub, and separate shower.

· Additional bedrooms share a Jack and Jill style bathroom and are well-sized and bright.

· Laundry room is conveniently located upstairs.

· Garage easily fits two vehicles.

· Wonderful outdoor space includes a large deck overlooking the fully fenced backyard.

· Great location convenient to interstates, shopping, and  restaurants.

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