A Buyer’s Agent… Get One!

key-2323278_1280Looking for a new home? Work with a buyer’s agent. They will represent you, the buyer, and help you navigate the process of finding and buying a new home. Here are a few reasons why working with a buyer’s agent makes sense.

1. You’ll have an expert negotiator working on your behalf. Making offers and presenting counter offers requires strategy. Having someone in your corner who understands this process can be vital to you getting the home you want. Knowing the market and understanding what offers should be made and when can be the difference between winning the house you want and having to keep searching for a new home.

2. You get a market expert. Evidence over emotion. A lot of emotion can come up when making one of the biggest purchases of your life. A buyer’s agent can help navigate the market with market information and market experience. For most people, buying a home happens every several years or even less often than that. Our buyer agents do this every day and are aware of market conditions. Much like seeking out a lawyer for legal advice or a doctor for medical advice, seek the counsel of a buyer’s agent for help finding your new home.

3. You don’t pay them. There is often a misconception about how buyer’s agents are paid. For you, the buyer, they are free. Their fee was negotiated before you were even talking to them. Let me explain. The seller negotiated the commission they would pay the person selling their home, the listing agent. The listing agent pays the commission to the buyer agent who brings the buyer to the transaction.

If you are looking to buy a new home. Let us know. Our buyer specialists at The Peters Company will be happy to help.

Written by Ray Ciafardini, Inside Sales Agent, The Peters Company

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