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One Person Can Change Your Life

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Most people think that we real estate agents just show homes all day and collect leads from our brokerage. I so wish that was true! 😉 In my 10 years in real estate, I have only received 2 leads from my Keller Williams office. You see… as agents, one of our most important jobs is to constantly search for more business.

For the past ten years, 80% of our business has been from referral and repeat clients. There’s a reason for that! We believe that our exceptional service, professionalism and attention to detail turns our clients into clients and advocates for life!  And, we hope that we do such a great job, that you continue to refer us again and again.

We learned early on that one person can truly change your life! When we met Katy and Dan (a referral from Scott) back in 2009 to sell their home, we thought it was just another listing appointment. Boy, were we wrong! Katy has impacted our life forever!

A few years ago, we decided to make a referral tree for each of our top referral sources and mail to them just to show how much they have impacted our business. Katy’s referral tree was off the charts then and it’s still growing today. One of her referrals, Mike and Wills, even bought our personal home in Brookhaven!

Take a look at Katy’s referral tree and keep in mind that these just represent closed transactions…

When you give our name to just one person, you are impacting our lives and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We won’t let you down and will provide the best service in the industry to all of your friends and family.

Now I want to know… Who will be the next Katy?  Lisa, Brian and Leah, Tasha, and Sherri are all gaining ground! 😉

Thank you thank you thank you! Your referrals truly mean the world to us! And, what better time to say THANK YOU than this time of THANKSGIVING!

Written by Lesley Peters

You Don’t Work that Area, Do You?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Atlanta MapI had a great call with an old friend yesterday. He was calling me because he and his wife wanted to sell their home and buy a new one. He started by saying, “I know you guys really concentrate on Buckhead and Brookhaven so this may not be something you’re even interested in.” I realized that perhaps something I had posted or advertised gave him this impression, and my heart sunk. We actually try to intentionally not give this impression because it’s not true. If you look at our sales this year you’ll find us all over metro Atlanta including Marietta, Decatur, Smyrna, and even Dallas! We live in Brookhaven and go to church in Buckhead so Buckhead and Brookhaven business comes naturally, but it’s worth mentioning that we are not considered “neighborhood” real estate agents. I’ve always laughed and defended that our specialty is real estate, not an area. We have made a conscious effort to not concentrate in one place. For one, we love our city, and we appreciate the benefits that all areas offer. I actually grew up in Duluth, and my family has lived in Marietta and Roswell. I love those areas and know them exceptionally well. I wouldn’t stop working outside the perimeter just because I live inside it. I can’t blame an agent for wanting to work only in one geographical area of the city. That’s awfully convenient. It’s actually the old school way of doing real estate, and it can work. From my perspective, I see clients all the time moving from one area to an absolutely opposite area within the city. This could be the downsizing empty nesters in East Cobb looking for a jivey intown condo or it could be the Midtown young professionals who just had their first child and want a taste of the swim/tennis neighborhood lifestyle. In either case, it is my job to be able to speak knowledgeably about Atlanta. If I don’t know it, I will be the first to tell you, and I will connect you with the absolute best person for that area.

One of the really great aspects of a global powerhouse real estate company like Keller Williams is that we are connected with the best and the brightest real estate agents everywhere. I’ve helped clients find agents all over the contiguous United States this year. I have access to performance numbers on all the agents I refer, and I personally talk to the agents to discover the right fit. I have a script of questions that quickly hone in on an agent’s professionalism, urgency, and ethics, and I don’t just give out any name.

So the moral of the story here is never assume that we don’t work an area. Chances are we not only work it, but we work it well. Always ask us. If it’s outside of Atlanta, we will connect you with the rockstar agent you deserve. We want to be your one stop real estate resource for metro Atlanta and beyond!

Written by Andy Peters, The Peters Company

Who You Gonna Call if Your House is Haunted?

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

GhostbustersAs Halloween quickly approaches, many of us love taking advantage of a spooky outing to a local haunted house. While the wild costumes, creepy music, and heart pumping suspense of these yearly man-made fright fests are usually really fun, have you ever thought about visiting or even owning a REAL haunted house? Here’s a look at a few of the most haunted homes around the country:

  1. Whaley House– Located in San Diego, this home has been called “the most haunted house in America” after a series of tragic events took place there. It was built in the mid-1800’s and is thought to have been haunted since day one. It’s most famous ghost is “Yankee Jim” Robinson who was hanged on the grounds prior to the construction of the home. Other spirits that are believed to have taken up residency include multiple members of the Whaley family as well as some of their beloved pets. Visitors often report hearing footsteps on the second floor, taking in weird smells, and just experiencing an overall sense of uneasiness. Luckily this home has since been turned into a museum owned by the County of San Diego and run by a non-profit organization.
  2. The Amityville House– Yes, that We’re all familiar with the popular horror movie based on this famous home in New York, but do you know the real story behind it? Six members of the DeFeo family were savagely murdered in the middle of the night by one of the DeFeo sons (who to this day is still serving time in prison). The home was then sold to the Lutz family about a year after the murders and that’s when the unusual activity started. The Lutz family supposedly smelled many foul odors, heard strange noises including gunshots, and one of their small children even had an imaginary friend eerily similar to one of the deceased DeFeo children. It was supposedly so bad that they fled the home within a month! The home has since been occupied by a variety of other owners with varying accounts of paranormal activity. Can you believe this home recently sold for $950,000?
  3. Joshua Ward House– Found in one of the United States’ most haunted cities, Salem, Massachusetts, this home is the site of over 19 deaths of those accused and tried during the Salem Witch Trials. The three-story home was built on land formerly belonging to Sheriff George “the Strangler” Corwin. He is best known for being a cruel, sadistic law man and witch hunter who was responsible for many deaths during his time as sheriff. When he died in 1697, he was buried in the basement of the home and remained there until being moved to a nearby cemetery years later, but many still believe he haunts the home to this day. Visitors often recount details of three particular ghosts: one that chokes you (thought to be the Sheriff George Corwin himself), Giles Corey (a man tortured and killed by George Corwin) that creates chaos around the home, and an angry woman put to death because she was thought to be a witch. This home was most recently listed for $900,000… Seems like a high price to pay for some scary roommates!

So, would you let funny noises, seeing shadows, flickering lights, moving objects, or a general unnerving feeling stop you from purchasing a particular home? If you said yes, then you’re not alone. According to a poll on, over 65% of people would not buy a home they believed to be haunted. The tricky part in that is that many states do not require sellers to disclose this information unless asked (Georgia included)! You may just have to trust your gut on this one and see if you pick up a creepy vibe while viewing a home. And for those of you with a really morbid sense of curiosity, have you heard about the website Yep, you can actually plug in your address to see if anybody has died on the property, any fires have ever been reported, and much more! Be careful what you wish for though!

Last, but not least, if you unfortunately find your property to be haunted and need to move, The Peters Company would be happy to help you find your next home! We may not be Ghost Hunters or even Ghostbusters, but we do have an excellent track record of helping buyers find wonderful (non-haunted) homes! Give us a call today at 404-419-3619! Happy Halloween!

Written by Heather Thomas, The Peters Company Listing Coordinator

Something’s in the Air…

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015
Fall leavesOur first broker, Brad Feiman, would always say something changes this time of year in the real estate market, but it’s not what you might think. If you’re lucky enough to survive the onslaught of activity in spring and early summer followed by the dog days of summer where we always, without fail, question why it got so slow all of a sudden, then you’ll get to this glorious fall time of the year where the season changes and emotions swing back into the home buying spirit. We are feeling that pickup right now, a momentum that will carry us into the first quarter of 2016.

Most people are surprised when I tell them that December is one of our strongest months of the year. It’s true, and that work is done right now and through the end of November. You have a rush of buyers hoping to put up their Christmas tree in a new home and another rush from those savvy investment minded buyers who look to take advantage of the tax benefits associated with buying a home. Don’t forget those corporate relocations coming in the winter during the kids’ holiday breaks now that Atlanta has become a hotbed of corporate headquarters across a wide spectrum of industries.

We’ll get to a point in late November where sellers are thinking reluctantly about putting their homes on the market. I mean listing your home during the holidays sounds like a hassle, right? Could be, but we have a shortage of inventory and those buyers in the market during the last 30 days of the year are super motivated. If you have a fantastic property, you’re a big fish in a very small pond this time of the year, and chances are great that you’re going to be eaten. So now’s not the time to throw the brakes on. Don’t wait until there’s ten times the inventory for the buyers to choose from in the Spring. I’m giving it the gas right now with listings. There’s just no good reason to wait with what the market has done this year and the uncertainty around rising interest rates.

The Peters Company has sold 64 listings so far this year in an average of 7 days on the market at 98.4% of the original list price. If you’re even slightly considering selling your home, curious about the current value, of just want to chat, I’m at your service. Maybe it’s time for you to buy your next home. Let’s explore that opportunity! Call me today at 404-419-3619.

Written by Andy Peters

Why a Real Estate Team?

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Team SuccessLesley and I have been at this real estate thing for about ten years now, and we’ve learned a lot through surviving the worst real estate down turn since the great depression, watching the lending meltdown, and now more recently experiencing the high times created by a resurgent market. The most important lesson we have learned is the value of people, both as clients and as team members.

First and foremost, our clients mean the world to us, and we will service them at a world class level no matter the cost. As the team grew we realized there was no way for us to serve those same clients the way we always did, which facilitated the need to hire like minded individuals who believed in us and our business. Admittedly we were reluctant at first to give any of the reins to someone else. After all, they aren’t us. “How could they possibly do it as well as we could” was our foolish thought process. What we learned was that not only could they do it as well as we could, but they did it better than we did. On top of that, it freed us up to do whatever it was that we were doing at that time at a higher level, which in turn provided more specialized focus, better results, and of course, better service. As the team has grown, we’ve evolved and specialized further. I laugh when I’m meeting with clients for the first time because you actually get our entire team of eight people when you hire anyone on our team on the buy side or the list side. It’s a very nice return on investment!

We’ve broken the real estate buying and selling process to a little less than 100 activities. The reality is that those 100 activities require totally different personalities, skills and talents to master. It’s impossible for one person to possess all these skills and talents to perform them at the highest level much less have the time to do them in an efficient manor while maintaining a high level of service. The word “mastery” is a common term on our team. You can be good at something, and you can sometimes get lucky and experience success in the short run. But, what does it mean to master something and what does that create? At the Peters Company, mastery has created an environment where we all lean on each other and trust that the next person can do it better than the other. It’s a team effort in its truest form that makes us unique as each member is pushing one another, climbing the ladder towards mastery. This creates consistencies that cannot be achieved by one person alone and constantly pushes the envelope of what “great” looks like. The winner is you.

The Peters Company is the second highest grossing volume team within Keller Williams Realty in the Metro Atlanta area and the state of Georgia for 2015 YTD. We want to put the power of TEAM to work for you. We want to help you and all those you know with anything related to real estate. Call us today at 404-419-3619 or visit us on the web at

Oakland Cemetery, A Spooktacular Place to Spend Halloween!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

oakland cemeteryI have lived in Atlanta my entire life and never knew about historic Oakland Cemetery until this year when I went on a tour. And yes, I feel ridiculous that I never knew this amazing place existed and that it took me this long to see and experience it. I was pleasantly surprised while on the tour and learned a great deal about this enchanting cemetery. I was blown away by the architecture, incredible city views, lush landscaping and gardens and of course, the history behind this peaceful place. I never knew there were so many significant figures who are laid to rest there. The tour guides will not disappoint either. They are super knowledgeable and you can tell have a true passion for the history as they tell the stories.

If you are looking for something different to do this Halloween consider the Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween Tour. A dressed up tour guide will give you an hour tour of the lit up Victorian gardens and tell you stories that will seem to come alive and of course, everyone is encouraged to arrive in costume. They also have fortune tellers and live music! This will be a unique experience not to forget! If you can’t make it for Halloween, I would encourage everyone who lives in Atlanta to visit this hidden gem in downtown Atlanta and don’t miss the neat gift shop! They are always hosting all types of fun events at the cemetery including tons of weddings! Who knew?!? For more information check out This really is a special place in our city that everyone should experience at least once. I promise you will be amazed when you arrive! It truly is a hidden gem in the middle of city that I am grateful I discovered!

If you are looking for your own hidden gem around Atlanta, contact The Peters Company today and get connected with one of our spooktacular buyers agents who will be sure to find you that gem of a home! Wishing you a safe and fun Halloween!

Written by Lilli Thompson, Buyer Specialist at The Peters Company

A House Isn’t a Home… Without a Pet!

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Peters Co. PetsCongratulations! You’ve bought a new Metro Atlanta home! So what’s next? How about filling it with the pitter patter of furry feet? Wouldn’t a pet be a great addition and truly turn your new house into a home? Here are some tips for bringing home a new cat or dog:

Choose the Right Breed– Sure, that Saint Bernard puppy may be fuzzy and cute right now, but he’s going to grow into a HUGE, slobbering dog very soon. If you live in a small house or condo, you may want to consider a small breed of dog. Animals need plenty of space to run and play so be sure that your house and yard can accommodate the size of dog you want. Also, if you don’t think that you’re up for the task of changing a litter box frequently, then an indoor cat may not be the best option for you. Even though cats require significantly less work than dogs, they still need lots of attention!

Pet Proof Your House– Be sure that any harmful chemicals and foods are out of the reach of your pet. They can’t distinguish whether something is safe to consume or not, and everything looks like a tasty treat to them! Cords and wires can be tempting too. Be sure that they are out of the way of tiny teeth as well. One other easily forgotten item that can be toxic to animals: plants. Be sure that your yard doesn’t contain any leafy greens that might make your new pet very sick!

Give Your Pet the Proper ID– Just in case Fido or Garfield sneak outside and wander off your property without your knowledge, be sure that whoever finds him can safely return him back home! Some great options include a collar with ID tags or even micro-chipping your pet.

Choose Appropriate Pet Toys and Treats– You don’t want your pet to become bored and wreak havoc on your new home so be sure to provide them with fun toys to keep them busy! Take into account your new pet’s age. Choose practical toys that will keep them entertained. Also, be sure to select toys that can’t be easily swallowed. Animals love to bite and chew so you don’t want to create a choking hazard!

Be Prepared for an Adjustment Period– Just like humans, animals need time to adjust to new surroundings. Help them do this by creating a cozy sleeping environment that’s calm and soothing. Be sure food and litter boxes are easily accessible to your pet as he navigates his way around his new home. Consistency is key for making a new pet feel at home.

Haven’t found the perfect pet to bring home yet? That’s okay! There are many wonderful adoption and rescue groups around the city. In fact, The Peters Company teamed up with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue this year for a fun fundraising event (Click Here)!  We’re all crazy about our “fur babies” and couldn’t imagine our lives without them. You’ll see that your new feline or canine companion will easily become the heart of your home too.

Written by Heather Thomas, The Peters Company Listing Coordinator

The Braves Move to Cobb: A Real Estate Perspective

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Atlanta BravesEver since the Atlanta Braves announced their new move to Cobb County from their 50 year old home inside the perimeter, I’ve been asked about the real estate impact for the surrounding area and Cobb at large. I’m a sports purist, and I’m one for tradition so this move makes me a little melancholy. However, I do think there’s plenty of good here, especially if you are a Cobb resident or aspire to be one. That good will come to a county that already gets it right with their senior tax discounts and stellar school system.

If you build it, they will come. Field of Dreams got that right! Anytime you get a Major League Baseball team you can expect a nice economic boom in return, and I’m not buying that traffic is going to keep people away from the stadium. Look, if you live in Atlanta, you deal with traffic. It’s not like driving to Turner Field is a walk in the park, especially coming from the north side of the city. The interstates are already awash with construction surrounding the stadium. It’s going to be a little painful in the interim, but I expect it to be no worse than what we are accustomed to. Retail and multi family developments are flocking to the area hoping to cash in on the impending wave of interest. We’ll see Cobb increase in population due to the new jobs created in that area, which is now estimated at 5,000 jobs physically at the stadium and another 3,000 surrounding the stadium. 8,000 new jobs in Cobb. That’s moving the needle!

Right now the word on the street is that the $250M+ that Cobb County is pumping into the new stadium construction will NOT raise property taxes for area residents, and that’s beautiful music to those who may be against the Braves’ move. The increased revenue should mean improved infrastructure and services at a minimum. Cobb is super smart to make an investment like this because if history is any indicator, they should have the Braves for at least 20 years, if not another 50. The economic impact is astronomical.

If I were a betting man, the first area that I’d bet on as a result of the Braves move is Smyrna. While always viewed as a convenient and affordable option for suburban living yet close to the city, it has the most to gain considering it’s at the front door of the new stadium and all the goodness going on around it. Smyrna properties have rapidly increased in value, and I expect that trend to continue as more and more money is pumped into the area. The second spot that I believe has the most to gain is the city of Sandy Springs. While there’s plenty of luxury property in Sandy Springs already, the tear down/rebuild trend will explode as buyers search for larger estate sized lots in this incorporated super city within a city. We’re seeing this emerging trend already, and it will continue to rival the Buckhead area within Atlanta’s coveted clutches.

While the Braves might not win any urban renewal awards, Cobb County is poised to capitalize on this move and just became known for something besides great schools and senior tax credits. They are now home of the Braves! The Peters Company is experienced in all areas of Cobb County and beyond. If you want to make a move like the Braves, give us a call today at 404-419-3619.

Written by Andy Peters

Just Listed :: An Entertainer’s Dream in Midtown!

Monday, October 12th, 2015

899 Charles Allen Drive NE Flyer 2 front899 Charles Allen Drive NE Flyer 2 back

Welcome home to historic charm and modern day luxury! This wonderful home gives you an amazing intown Atlanta  experience just a block from Piedmont Park. The wide open, renovated floor plan is just what you’re looking for. Easy access to Peachtree Street, I-75, and I-85 makes virtually all commutes a breeze. Convenient to all of Midtown’s finest attractions, you will be in the middle of it all including prestigious shopping, award-winning restaurants, and exciting nightlife. You’ll also be only minutes from the Beltline and the new Ponce City Market!


· An updated kitchen features stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and an oversized island.

· Separate dining area is perfect for entertaining guests.

· Living room is complete with an original period fireplace and tons of natural light.

· Sunroom would be ideal as a home office or reading nook.

· Gleaming hardwood floors, beautiful trim work, and tall ceilings are carried throughout the main level.

· Master suite is a true retreat including a huge walk-in closet and renovated, spa-like master bathroom with a double vanity and walk-in shower.

· Additional main level bedrooms is well sized and bright.

· Basement boasts two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and additional living and entertaining space including a kitchenette with bar, wine fridge, dishwasher, and more.

· The screened-in porch is great for outdoor enjoyment and overlooks the flat backyard with wonderful saltwater pool.

Congratulations to The Peters Company August Metro Atlanta Homebuyers!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

August Buyer Collage 2015

Congrats, Ben and Ansley on buying a gorgeous, new Brookhaven home! When we first sat down to make a wants/needs analysis for your next home, we knew the search wouldn’t be easy, but then an absolute gem came on the market that checked all of your boxes.  I’ll never forget the first time we saw the house. Ansley just KNEW it was “the one” – even before she walked upstairs, ha! We’re so happy that your family found such a great home and that you stayed in Brookhaven to be near all of us! Thanks for your trust in our team, and your constant good attitude despite difficult circumstances. We are so grateful to have you as clients and friends!

We loved every minute of working with our friends and repeat clients, Brennan and Amber! We successfully led them through a custom dreamhome negotiation, and now the real fun begins! Groundbreaking! It takes a special level of patience to work your way through a home design, but Amber and Brennan knew exactly what they wanted. It was our job to make it happen logistically, and we can’t wait to see the finished product! Let us be your tour guide on your next Brookhaven new construction dream home project.

Tom and Sarah started out their search in Brookhaven and ended up in a beautiful home in the popular Windward! We know you and your family are going to love all the amenities Windward offers!  You will never have to leave with a lake, pool, tennis, golf, walking trails, playground and more and not to mention your beautiful backyard and huge entertaining deck!  All you need is that bar in the basement! :)   I know this buying and selling experience was full of excitement and lots of laughs too!  You all were a true pleasure to work with and having adorable T4 with us while looking at homes was a huge plus too! Congratulations on your new home I know your family will enjoy for many years to come!

Matt did a super fast search through the Buckhead condos with a very tight deadline to meet. We found a great fit  at The Concorde with a beautiful view of the Buckhead skyline from the 22nd floor!  We know you are thrilled it is move in ready and renovated too, except for the purple bedrooms! I know you are going to love the pool, tennis, gym and short walk to the happening night life of Buckhead Atlanta! Congratulations on your first home purchase!  You were super easy to work with and I am so glad you love your new home!

What a great find in historic Roswell within walking distance to all of the awesome restaurants and shopping!  This inviting townhome is going to be a wonderful place for family to enjoy and for a future investment property.  We saw a good variety of properties and ultimately we all knew when we walked into this home it felt right. We can’t thank Patrick and Jackie enough for trusting The Peters Company with their third real estate transaction over the years! We greatly appreciate your business!

REALTOR® Equal Housing Opportunity