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Last week, I spent two days in Austin, Texas with Gary Keller and 100 of the best Keller Williams agents across the country masterminding! And, this time, our discussion revolved around Grit! No, not grits – but I love those too! Especially with lots of cheese! So, what is grit? It’s the combination of passion


We never want to be the agent who just does the Three P’s of Real Estate: Put a sign in the yard Put the property in the MLS service Pray While we’ve certainly been known to pray for a property to sell, we also know that our clients expect more from us than that –


In 2003, Andy and I decided to move to Brookhaven and join all of our Furman Alum friends that were planted in Ashford Park! Our parents couldn’t believe we bought a 1950s house without a garage! And, they wondered why in the WORLD we wanted to live in Brookhaven? Our real estate agent at the


A little over a year ago the concept of Mega Agent Expansion was introduced to me as a way for agents to grow their business. It was a business concept that I looked at as unnecessary and unappealing since The Peters Company already covers more territory than most agents could ever dream of. Think of


Being the listing coordinator on our team means I get the privilege of meeting with each of our sellers prior to their home going on the market. One of the first questions I always ask is “what have you loved about your home/what do you feel are some of its best features?” I tend to


The moment you go under contract on your dream home, you start imagining all of the ways you want to decorate your new home. You want to bring your dream home and pinterest board alive. Those 30 days leading up to your closing feel like an eternity while you wait for your home to close.


The Peters Company is so fortunate to have a talented group of professionals who perform at a world class level every day. Lesley and I have worked hard to ensure that with every hire we go higher, not just in production but in the level of service we provide. A good example of this is


Recently I listed a beautiful home in Cobb County that was unique in the sense that there weren’t really any close comparable sales to help us price it. In order to protect my seller’s best interests, I suggested he get an appraisal, which he did. Much to his and my delight, it came back at

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