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Life is a Highway :: The Scoop on ITP vs. OTP

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

I-285 - The PerimeterLife is a Highway, and in Atlanta, that highway is I-285.  I’m pretty sure the letters “ITP” and “OTP” have little to no meaning outside of Atlanta.  However, these three little letters that we say on a daily basis have some of the strongest impact on Atlanta’s real estate and you NEED to know the difference.

When I meet with buyers relocating to Atlanta, the first thing I do is whip out a map and draw a big circle that traces around I-285 – also known as The Perimeter. I then explain that there are essentially two main areas of Atlanta – they are not north, south, east or west, but rather “Inside the Perimeter” and “Outside the Perimeter.” This distinction that probably shouldn’t mean much, actually does, and in a big way.

So what’s the big deal? Well, for one, ITP and OTP aren’t just locations – they are a way of life. Generally speaking, ITP is considered the “cool, hip” area of town. Brookhaven, Buckhead, Midtown, Vinings and Decatur are all ITP, so it makes sense that the area would be seen as very urban, or as one of our buyer’s specialists likes to say, “jivey!” You will find many areas of walkability, attached housing, and an overall city feel.

OTP consists of the major Atlanta suburbs such as Kennesaw, Roswell, Cumming, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Peachtree Corners, Tucker, Smyrna, etc. Of course, the suburbs of any city are usually known for their more low-key and family centered lifestyles, and that’s no different for Atlanta. The city’s sprawling OTP area is highly sought out for its laid-back feel and great schools.

Another huge difference that one will notice when comparing ITP vs. OTP are the prices and overall value of real estate located either inside or outside of The Perimeter. Homes ITP tend to be more expensive – especially when it comes to price per square footage while homes OTP offer a better value (and usually a larger yard!). However, the payoff comes each morning and afternoon when you make your commute to work. Living OTP and commuting into the city each day via the Perimeter (or any other major interstate in Atlanta) will make you strongly consider purchasing a helicopter to get to the office.

While native Atlantans will tell you that The Perimeter will always be a major defining line for the city, the truth is that you can actually find the great features of each on either side of the road. Downtown Roswell and Smyrna Market Village certainly capture the “in-town” vibe of live-work-play areas outside The Perimeter and great ITP neighborhoods like Virginia Highlands and Brookhaven offer single-family housing in a very family-friendly atmospheres. Truly, there is something for everyone. And with Atlanta being one of the top 10 relocation destinations in the country, ITP or OTP you can’t go wrong!

Inside or outside the Perimeter, let The Peters Company’s expert agents help you find the perfect place to call home. We would love to be your most trusted source for information on Atlanta real estate, and we’ll even share this important tip: Once you’re on I-285 you’ll eventually get right back where you started, so enjoy the ride!

Written by Jennie Moshure, Lead Buyer Specialist

Whether you are looking to buy ITP or OTP, you can easily find what you need with our easy-to-use map view of properties here!



One Person Can Change Your Life

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Most people think that we real estate agents just show homes all day and collect leads from our brokerage. I so wish that was true! 😉 In my 10 years in real estate, I have only received 2 leads from my Keller Williams office. You see… as agents, one of our most important jobs is to constantly search for more business.

For the past ten years, 80% of our business has been from referral and repeat clients. There’s a reason for that! We believe that our exceptional service, professionalism and attention to detail turns our clients into clients and advocates for life!  And, we hope that we do such a great job, that you continue to refer us again and again.

We learned early on that one person can truly change your life! When we met Katy and Dan (a referral from Scott) back in 2009 to sell their home, we thought it was just another listing appointment. Boy, were we wrong! Katy has impacted our life forever!

A few years ago, we decided to make a referral tree for each of our top referral sources and mail to them just to show how much they have impacted our business. Katy’s referral tree was off the charts then and it’s still growing today. One of her referrals, Mike and Wills, even bought our personal home in Brookhaven!

Take a look at Katy’s referral tree and keep in mind that these just represent closed transactions…

When you give our name to just one person, you are impacting our lives and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We won’t let you down and will provide the best service in the industry to all of your friends and family.

Now I want to know… Who will be the next Katy?  Lisa, Brian and Leah, Tasha, and Sherri are all gaining ground! 😉

Thank you thank you thank you! Your referrals truly mean the world to us! And, what better time to say THANK YOU than this time of THANKSGIVING!

Written by Lesley Peters


You Don’t Work that Area, Do You?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Atlanta MapI had a great call with an old friend yesterday. He was calling me because he and his wife wanted to sell their home and buy a new one. He started by saying, “I know you guys really concentrate on Buckhead and Brookhaven so this may not be something you’re even interested in.” I realized that perhaps something I had posted or advertised gave him this impression, and my heart sunk. We actually try to intentionally not give this impression because it’s not true. If you look at our sales this year you’ll find us all over metro Atlanta including Marietta, Decatur, Smyrna, and even Dallas! We live in Brookhaven and go to church in Buckhead so Buckhead and Brookhaven business comes naturally, but it’s worth mentioning that we are not considered “neighborhood” real estate agents. I’ve always laughed and defended that our specialty is real estate, not an area. We have made a conscious effort to not concentrate in one place. For one, we love our city, and we appreciate the benefits that all areas offer. I actually grew up in Duluth, and my family has lived in Marietta and Roswell. I love those areas and know them exceptionally well. I wouldn’t stop working outside the perimeter just because I live inside it. I can’t blame an agent for wanting to work only in one geographical area of the city. That’s awfully convenient. It’s actually the old school way of doing real estate, and it can work. From my perspective, I see clients all the time moving from one area to an absolutely opposite area within the city. This could be the downsizing empty nesters in East Cobb looking for a jivey intown condo or it could be the Midtown young professionals who just had their first child and want a taste of the swim/tennis neighborhood lifestyle. In either case, it is my job to be able to speak knowledgeably about Atlanta. If I don’t know it, I will be the first to tell you, and I will connect you with the absolute best person for that area.

One of the really great aspects of a global powerhouse real estate company like Keller Williams is that we are connected with the best and the brightest real estate agents everywhere. I’ve helped clients find agents all over the contiguous United States this year. I have access to performance numbers on all the agents I refer, and I personally talk to the agents to discover the right fit. I have a script of questions that quickly hone in on an agent’s professionalism, urgency, and ethics, and I don’t just give out any name.

So the moral of the story here is never assume that we don’t work an area. Chances are we not only work it, but we work it well. Always ask us. If it’s outside of Atlanta, we will connect you with the rockstar agent you deserve. We want to be your one stop real estate resource for metro Atlanta and beyond!

Written by Andy Peters, The Peters Company



Thursday, September 17th, 2015


Back in 2004 when Lesley and I moved to Brookhaven, we were backhanded by our realtor at the time and labeled “yuppies” for our abandonment of the suburbs and affinity for, at that time, a pioneering pocket of our great city of Atlanta. I remember being pretty offended by the label “yuppie.” After all, it had always held a negative connotation in my vocabulary, but then I actually looked up the word and got a little more comfortable. The source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, describes it this way:

A yuppie (/ˈjʌpi/; short for “young urban professional” or “young upwardly-mobile professional”) is defined by one source as being “a young college-educated adult who has a job that pays a lot of money and who lives and works in or near a large city” (Wikipedia)

I don’t know about the “lot of money” part because I was a water boy at the time selling drinking water and Lesley was a schoolteacher. We weren’t exactly rolling in the dough. We were young, and we were aspiring professionals. Oh, and we had a college degree, and I guess we were upwardly mobile. Nailed it! We were yuppies! It just took me some time to get to neutral on the term.

Once the epitome of yuppie, you’ll see Brookhaven today filled with baby strollers as all the yuppies, myself included, just stayed put while family happened. This would be a logical gentrification cycle for any area, further legitimizing a community. Atlanta continues to grow through the creation of jobs, lower cost of living, and pleasant climate, and young professionals are moving here in droves. Other areas strongly attracting the young professional crowd include Midtown, Virginia Highland, Decatur, and East Atlanta. So where’s the next big yuppie destination? This is a little risky and may be perhaps hard to see right now, but I think Doraville is going to go yuppity yup yup over the next 10-20 years. With the GM plant being redeveloped into movie studios and super affordable housing still existing slightly inside and outside the top end perimeter, I think you’ll start seeing some major investments made in the Doraville community. You heard it here first!

So, the next time you hear an area referred to as “yuppie,” remember that it’s really not a bad thing. You might want to figure out what’s yup with that.

Written by Andy Peters (opinion only)


Congrats to The Peters Company June Metro Atlanta Homebuyers!

Thursday, August 13th, 2015


June 2015 Homebuyer Collage
Congratulations to our June Homebuyers!

Congrats, Crystal on purchasing your very first home in Buford! Your gorgeous new townhouse in Carlton Mill will be the perfect place to settle in from your move from Tennessee! You’re going to love the walkability to shops and restaurants, and being across from the neighborhood pool! Now that you have your house, we know a puppy is next on the list! Thanks for trusting our team! Welcome to Georgia!

Nick and Jane, congratulations on purchasing your adorable Peachtree Hills bungalow! Even though you were in Paris when your house closed, we hope that you felt the happiness all the way from Atlanta! Your move has been over 6 months in the making, and while we know that Nashville will miss you, we’re thrilled for you to call Atlanta your new home! Thanks for sticking with us through a competitive market! You were troopers, and being the winning bid for this home was truly meant to be! Welcome to Atlanta!

Congratulations, Bill and Crista on purchasing your super trendy Midtown townhome! We know that moving (back) to the South from Chicago is a big change, but you’re going to LOVE your location and walking to Piedmont Park! While there are probably too many inside jokes to mention, please know that Jennie LOVED working with you, and despite the ups and downs, everything worked out just as it should for you guys and Iris! Also, a big shout out to Bill’s folks, Jim and Susan, for sending you our way! We’re sure they are glad to have their granddaughter nearby! Congrats, again!

Daniel and Victoria, congrats on your beautiful home in the fantastic Peachtree Corners neighborhood, Amberfield! When the time came to sell and buy, we knew that all of the pieces needed to fall together perfectly, and in the end they did! We may recruit Victoria to our team as a showing assistant, as she was one of funniest people to looks at houses with! We know that Titus is going to love his new home, yard, pool and neighborhood, and we hope that you have many wonderful years there too! Thanks for being great clients and friends! Shout out to Joey and Rebecca for referring us!

Erica and David, you knew exactly what you wanted – a new home in the same neighborhood you were currently living in, Meadowbrook, and in High Point Elementary School. You found a great new construction home with plenty of space for your 3 children and a huge finished basement that David can call his own. Thank you for trusting The Peters Company to list and buy your homes! Nothing like repeat clients! Congratulations on your new home!

Congratulations, Jules on the purchase of your gorgeous mid-century modern home in North DeKalb’s Flair Forest! Finding this rare and stylized home (on a lake!) in the middle of the city was truly incredible. Fun fact :: you may be the only client to buy a home that all three of the buyers specialists have seen! You got the FULL Peters Company experience! We are all envious of your serene views of the lake, and know you will have many years of happiness in your new home. Thanks for trusting in our team. You’re the best!

Dennis and Melanie, we found the ideal location for your family! Walking distance to everything around GA Tech in a lush, gated community! I’m glad you went for move-in ready and ran away from the duplexes and triplexes! So happy we found this hidden gem I know all of you will enjoy, especially that pool! Thank you for trusting The Peters Company for your 3rd transaction with us!

Congratulations, Tobias on your first home purchase in the sleek Spire building in the heart of Midtown! After looking at many styles of condos and buildings we found the perfect match for you here. I can’t wait to see the “after” photos once you and your designer decorate and paint this blank canvas. I know you are going to enjoy the walkable location! Thank you for letting me help you find your first home so you can stay put for a while in Atlanta! Shout out to your sister, Elisa, for referring us!

Congrats Haley! You weren’t 100% sure what would be the best fit when we started out, but we found a great 2 bedroom condo in Buckhead that is gated and safe. The amenities are awesome and you will enjoy the great location near the West Side. You started renovations the day you closed and will make it a super place to live! Can’t wait to see when you get settled!

Chrystal and Tonio, you knew where you wanted to be and what school district you wanted to be in for adorable Sydney. We found a great, renovated home in Roswell with room for both of you to have home offices, a fenced in yard for your dog (and maybe another!) and chickens! And Tonio, there is plenty of space for you to add that outdoor kitchen and patio you wanted. Congrats y’all – Thank you for letting me help you find a super place! Shout out to Lisa for referring us!

Bryan, buying your first home can be a stressful experience, but you handled it like a pro! I have to say, you were one of the easiest clients I have dealt with in 13 years of selling real estate. It is great that your new house in Marietta close to your office, restaurants and shopping and across the street from friends. Especially friends who will help you renovate the fixer upper. Congrats on your new home!

Wow! Karl and Christina, you bought a house an hour from our original search area, and it is beautiful! I know you will love living in the peaceful serenity of Sharpsburg. And Christina, you will enjoy being in the same neighborhood as your parents. Invite us over when the pool is finished – congratulations!

Congratulations, Kristen and Alex on finding your dream home in an amazing neighborhood! Sarah Smith is a fabulous school district and we know that Loridans Chase is a great place to raise your babies! We can’t wait to see the transformation to your home as we know it will be fabulous. Jennie loved bonding over the kiddos and getting to know your whole family! Thanks for trusting our team!

Congrats, Bill on the purchase of your great townhouse in Decatur! We won’t call you a “groupie,” but you have been a Peters Company client three times in the past three years! Jennie has LOVED getting to know you, and we are all so happy that you have finally found a place to call home for the long run! Selling and buying at the same time isn’t easy, but your trust in our team and willingness to be flexible ended up in a total win-win all around! Thanks again!

Sally and Erik were referrals from our good friends, Shannon and Robby, and we were fortunate to work with them on the seller side as well as the buyer side. They really wanted to move closer to their children’s school in Sandy Springs. We were able to find an amazing off market sale for them that checked all the boxes! It was such a pleasure to help them achieve their goals!

Did you know? According to the National Association of Realtors, the average real estate agent sells 7 homes per year. The Peters Company has sold 109 homes so far this year with 17 more under contract and set to close in the coming months. Don’t settle for average! Work with the best, and call us today.


Just Listed :: Adorable Bungalow in Decatur’s Springdale Heights!

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

512 Bridlewood Circle Flyer front512 Bridlewood Circle Flyer back

Welcome Home! Located in one of Decatur’s favorite neighborhoods, this home is just what you’ve been looking for. The custom features and charming character will never go out of style. The close proximity to I-285, Highway 78, North Decatur Road, and Scott Boulevard makes it convenient to and from any direction. Did we  also mention that you are literally only minutes from all of your favorite activities, restaurants, and shopping spots in Downtown Decatur?


· Updated kitchen features quartz countertops, ample cabinet space, and travertine floors.

· Separate dining room is perfect for entertaining guests or casual meals at home.

· Living room boasts neutral colors, crown molding, cozy fireplace, and plenty of natural light.

· Main level master suite is a true retreat including a large walk-in closet and spa-like master bathroom.

· Additional bedroom and bathroom are well sized and bright.

· Unfinished walk-up attic is just waiting for your ideas.

· Gleaming hardwood floors are carried throughout.

· Wonderful outdoor space includes a deck  off of the kitchen and a large patio overlooking the fully fenced backyard.

· One car detached garage is ideal for your vehicle or as extra storage space.

· Convenient location close to interstates, restaurants, and shopping.


Call The Peters Company today to see this wonderful home at 512 Bridlewood Circle… 404-419-3619!



Just Listed :: Gorgeous John Willis Traditional in Decatur!

Friday, July 24th, 2015

3081 Hudson Way Flyer front3081 Hudson Way Flyer back

Welcome home to this beautiful John Willis traditional located on a quiet cul-de-sac street! The flowing floor plan, custom features, and charming character of this home will never go out of style. The close proximity to I-285, Highway 78, and Lavista Road makes it convenient to and from any direction. You’ll also love being close to a variety of great restaurants and shopping spots!


· Kitchen features granite countertops, walk-in pantry, ample cabinet space, and breakfast area.

· Formal dining room is perfect for entertaining guests.

· Spacious family room boasts a soaring ceiling, cozy gas fireplace, and automated window treatments.

· Master suite is a true retreat including a trey ceiling, sitting area, and dual closets.

· Spa-like master bathroom features a double vanity, luxurious soaking tub, and separate shower with marble surround and flooring.

· Additional upstairs bedrooms are well-sized and bright, and are connected by a Jack and Jill style   bathroom.

· Main level bedroom and full bath are ideal for guests.

· Two car garage easily fits vehicles with extra storage space.

· A patio overlooks the private backyard and is perfect for outdoor enjoyment and entertaining.

· Fantastic location that’s convenient to interstates, restaurants, and shopping.


Call The Peters Company today to see this wonderful home at 3081 Hudson Way… 404-419-3619!

Off market as of August 2015



Just Listed :: Gorgeous Traditional in Decatur!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

865 Ashfield Drive Flyer front865 Ashfield Drive Flyer back

Welcome home! The open floor plan, custom features, and charming character of this home will never go out of style. The close proximity to I-285, Highway 78, and Memorial Drive makes it convenient to and from any direction. Being in this popular area also means you can enjoy many nearby restaurants and shopping spots!


· Kitchen features granite counters, newer appliances, tile backsplash, pantry, ample cabinet space, and breakfast area.

· Separate dining room is perfect for entertaining .

· Large family room has a soaring ceiling and cozy gas fireplace.

· Hardwoods floors are carried throughout most of the main level.

· Master on main is a true retreat including a trey ceiling and oversized walk-in closet.

· Master bathroom features a double vanity, garden tub, and separate shower.

· Additional bedrooms are well-sized and bright.

· Two car garage easily fits vehicles with extra space for storage.

· A patio with pergola overlooks the fully fenced backyard and is perfect for outdoor enjoyment and entertaining.


Call The Peters Company today to see this wonderful home at 865 Ashfield Drive… 404-419-3619!



Congrats, Kristen & Jacob on Purchasing your Decatur Ranch!

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

photo-1Kristen and Jacob, congratulations on buying your very first home! When we first met with Kristen and Jacob, they knew exactly what they wanted, and where they wanted to live. However, the market had other plans. After visiting various areas and adjusting criteria, Kristen and Jacob exercised their patience and finally landed an amazing ranch home in the Wilson Woods neighborhood in Decatur – exactly where they wanted to be! We’re so happy you found a home for yourselves (and your new puppy!). Congrats, again!


Congrats, Andrea and Ross on selling your Decatur home!

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

2915 Pangborn

Congratulations, Ross and Andrea! Your home in Decatur’s Country Squire Acres’ neighborhood sold in 14 days for 100% of list price! It’s no surprise that there was so much interest! You guys had it in PERFECT condition for every showing! We are sad to see you leave Atlanta! However, we wish you the BEST in California and with your new job opportunity! You guys were a pleasure to work with! Last but not least, we want to give a shout out to Brian for referring us! Thanks a million!

If you want to see the details of this home, click here!

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