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You may have asked yourself what the advantages are of hiring a Realtor to help you buy a home this year. At The Peters Company, we have a dedicated portion of our team that strictly focuses on working with buyers. We believe that we are able to service our clients best when we are able


With summer coming to an end and fall just around the corner, kids and parents alike have prepared for school. From shiny new school supplies to stylish new clothes, the beginning of the school year can often feel like it’s sucking your bank account dry. What if it could be just the opposite though? Have


I just returned from another great family beach trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Normal people would call it a vacation, but it’s really more of a change of location as there’s generally a fair amount of work this time of the year. Getting away in the summertime means you better bring your cell


Summer rolls around and I start reading the latest Mary Kay Andrews beach novel and dreaming of spending my summer on the beach with my children like one of those wealthy characters in her books. Then, I wake up! I have a job and no family beach home! So, I just keep reading and wishing


There is perhaps nothing more polarizing in real estate than a good old fashioned bidding war! While music to the ears of a seller, multiple offer scenarios are a nail biting roller coaster ride for a buyer. Bidding wars are economics at work in my eyes. Let the market bare what it’ll bare! I want to confirm and


Thinking about buying a new home in Metro Atlanta this year? Jennie Moshure, Lead Buyers Agent at The Peters Company, gives a little information about the 2016 Metro Atlanta real estate market and interest rates! Give The Peters Company a call today at 404-419-3619!


Lesley and I were recently asked to become coaches, helping other real estate agents within Keller Williams Realty International achieve their goals and further their business. This distinguished honor was actually on my goal list from last year to achieve within the next TEN years. You see, every year I write a list of ad


May was magical for the Atlanta Real Estate Market and for The Peters Company! 17.4% more homes sold this May than May 2014. And, it’s no surprise to us. At The Peters Company, we helped 18 families buy and/or sell this month alone. So… How did May 2015 compare to May 2014? 1.5 % More Homes for Sale this May 17.4 % More

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