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Congratulations to our March Metro Atlanta Home Buyers

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

March 2015 Homebuyers

Britt, What a pleasure working with you to find your new home in the adorable Kirkwood neighborhood! Big shout out to Paige for sharing our names with you! We know you will LOVE your new home and it’s excellent location!

Kristen, congrats on your first home purchase in Smyrna’s Highlands View neighborhood! Thank you for letting us help you find the perfect place for you – I know you will enjoy the space and the location. Special shout out to Brittany for referring us! :)

Lori, thank you for allowing The Peters Company to assist in finding your first home. Love that the townhome met all of your requirements! And you are so lucky to be right on the belt line. Congratulations! Shout out to Brittany again for referring us!

Tim and Lori, congratulations on buying your first home together! You will love living in Brookhaven Fields and are surrounded by great neighbors. Wink…wink… Thank you for trusting me to help you find a super house!

Kathy, we did it again… We found another great investment condo in Buckhead’s Cross Creek neighborhood! With your vision and hard work, you will have it leased in no time. Congrats!

When we started working together, Shawn wanted to build in Brookhaven on a flat lot large enough for a pool. He ended up buying a newly built home with a gorgeous flat backyard and construction is soon to begin on his pool! Congratulations Shawn – I am glad we found the perfect home for you. Big shout out to Roger for sharing our name with you! :)

Kimberly and Jefry, So glad we were able to find you a wonderful home in Sandy Springs that is ready for your finishing touches! I hope you enjoy gardening in your beautiful, private backyard this summer!

Seth and Kendra, congratulations on your cute home in Briarcliff Heights! So happy we were able to snag that one as it was sure to get gobbled up quickly! It is the perfect home for you!

Erinn, after seeing many not so great condos, we found the perfect one with a beautiful view and balcony with a bright space for your office. I hope you enjoy your new home and convenient Sandy Springs location! Congratulations!

Congrats to Bo and Cassandra on your gorgeous new home! I love that you found such a great house in an unconventional way! As it turns out, “Make Me Move” on Zillow does work, ha. We’re glad that you stayed nearby, and we know Chamblee’s Gramercy Park is lucky to have you! Thanks for all of the laughs along the way.

Kristie and Eric, the road wasn’t always easy, but thanks for sticking with The Peters Company through moves, transfers, sales, multiple offers (and more multiple offers) to ultimately land you an amazing home in North Druid Hills! We can’t wait to see you on the patio at Verde, but only when you’re not enjoying your amazing back yard! Please send photos of the new puppy! Congratulations!

How do Buyers Find Homes for Sale?

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

IMG_3532At first you may think that this is just another how-to blog for buyers, but I promise that it’s not. Instead, this blog post is for current and potential SELLERS! The Peters Company wants to tell you how we help buyers find YOUR listing during their home search thanks to some tried and true marketing strategies.

Internet– Over 90% of buyers used the internet in some way during their home search. That’s a huge number! Did you know that when we enter your property in the listing service that it’s then syndicated to over 500 consumer and third party websites providing the most exposure possible? It would be very hard for a potential buyer to miss your home when they start their search on the web!

Yard Signs- A Yard Sign flags your house as “for sale” and provides a number for buyers to call to get more information. Many buyers further inquire on a property with a yard sign they pass by, especially if it’s in their desired neighborhood or area! We field these calls and emails, saving you time, and allowing us to market your home directly to the potential buyer. We can schedule a time to show them your property and share all the wonderful details that may make your home “the one.” Let us be your first line of defense for these types of inquiries!

Real Estate Agents-
 We are well-connected! There are over 5,000 real estate agents in Atlanta alone. That’s a lot of industry professionals to share your listing with. 88% of buyers used a real estate agent in their home search. E-mail lists, social media, real estate agent search engines/websites, etc. are just some of the ways that we can get the word out about your listing! Sometimes we can even make a match prior to going on the market thanks to our well-established relationships with other agents. Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to potentially pre-sale your home?!

Open Houses- Many buyers visit an open house at some point during their home search. We always try to host an open house the first or second weekend after one of our listings goes on the market. We advertise them all over the internet the week prior to the open house, place small directional signs throughout the neighborhood a few days ahead of time, and even go door-knocking the day of to invite neighbors and friends. We try really hard to get as many people as possible through your home during an open house- you never know when your buyer could come through that door!

These are just a few of the ways that The Peters Company works hard to get your home sold. We have a very detailed marketing plan for your home. We are able to get top dollar in the least amount of time possible. If you’ve been thinking about selling, please give us a call today. We’d love to help you!

*Statistics from the National Association of Realtors

Written by Heather Thomas, The Peters Company Listing Coordinator

Metro Atlanta Real Estate Update :: February 2015

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

February MMO 2015

One of my favorite parts of my job is analyzing data! I’m the weird one on the team. HA! 😉 Here at The Peters Company we had an amazing February. So, I’m always interested to see how the rest of the Atlanta market performed. 

So… How does February 2014 compare to February 2015?

  • 10% More Homes for Sale this February
  • 2.2% More Homes Sold this February
  • Foreclosures Down 2.8% to 6.8%
    • 5-10% distressed sales is normal
  • Short sales Down 8.3% to 4.8%
    • Theoretically, by 2016, all homes should be back above water
  • 4.2 Months of Supply (7.7% higher than last year)
    • Anything under 6 months of supply is considered a sellers market
  • Median Original List Price is up 12.1% to $229,900
    • Still rising due to low supply
  • Median Sales Price is up 13.2% to $214,990
    • Continuing a trend of higher median sales prices in a low-supply environment
  • Median Sales/List Price Ratio remains around 95% (Here at The Peters Co we’re around 99%)
  • Median Days on Market is up 12.5% to 63 days on market (Here at The Peters Co we’re around 18 days on the market)

All in all, February was a great month! 12,508 Metro Atlanta homes sold and prices were on the rise! And, although these numbers above pertain to single family detached residences, we continue to see fabulous improvements in the condo/townhome market. Here’s a sampling of some of the good news out of the condo/townhome market:

  • 8.9% More Condos/Townhomes Sold this February
  • Distressed Condo/Townhome Property Sales are Down 13.1%
  • 3.1 Months of Supply (even lower than detached residences)
  • Median Original List Price is up 10.9% to $176,950
  • Median Sales Price is up 14.7% to $172,000
  • Median Sales/List Price Ratio remains around 96.3%
  • Median Days on Market is down 12.8% to 41 days on market 

If you’ve been thinking of buying or selling and just want to chat about the market in your neighborhood, we’d love nothing more than to hear from you! We can give you a free and highly accurate opinion of value. Give us a call at 404-419-3619 today! 

Written by Lesley Peters, The Peters Company Managing Agent

The Three Biggest Lies that Your Listing Agent Will Tell You

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Just Sign HereSo you’re selling your house, and all you know is that you need to talk to a real estate agent.  If you’re talking to one, you might as well talk to two, right? Well, about 65% of people only interview one agent, but I digress. Let’s say you are talking to two real estate agents. There are three big lies that real estate agents trying to get a listing will tell you, and I see at least one of them every time I’m competing with another agent. Here we go…

#1 – “You don’t need to do anything before hitting the market. Your home is awesome!” I’ve never seen a perfect home, and I’m not holding my breathe that I ever will. The fact is that every home needs even the most simple edits before hitting the market. Could be paint. Could be furniture placement. Could be getting that silk flower from Home Goods for the bathroom. This is why we call in a professional stager on virtually every listing before we list it. Having a professional’s opinion even above and beyond the listing agent’s thoughts is crucial to the success of any listing. By the way, I pay for that service in our listing package so it’s no additional cost to you.

#2 – “Overprice your home.” OK, so maybe they don’t tell you that out right, but be careful of the agent who tells you an absurd number for your home, a number that shocks you. Remember that if you’re the highest bidder on your home that you get to keep it. So many times I see agents give a seller a false expectation that they can actually get them some crazy price for their home. In the business, we call that “buying the listing,” except they didn’t do you any favors, especially when they come after you in 10 days on the market with no offers to reduce the price. One of the values of a premier agent is to tell you the marketable price (not to be confused with value, but that’s another blog for another day) for a property and then get it for you. We’re selling homes for between 98-99% of their original list price so when we give you a price, you better start packing, and take it to the bank!

#3 – “I have (insert any number between 3-5 here) buyers for your home right now!” While we occasionally have buyers for our own listings, and of course, we work exceptionally hard to make those matches when they are in the best interest of our clients, be leery of someone trying to impress with you with their number of buyers. A couple of things here on this point…first of all, do you really want your listing agent working with a bunch of buyers? You really want someone who specializes on listings so that you, as a seller, are their focus. This scenario is not typically in your best interest. With as hot as the market is right now, I’m encouraging all sellers to go to market. There’s no sense in selling off market anymore. The demand for a beautifully staged, well priced home is off the charts, and we’re exceeding our sellers’ expectations every week, regardless of where the buyer comes from. In addition, as our listing specialist I only work with our seller clients, and our amazing buyer specialist team just works with (you guessed it) buyers.

In summary, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t take a chance on some agent feeding you what you want to hear. Follow a time tested process for selling your home, and call us at 404-419-3619 so we can cut through the lies and get your home sold!

Written by Andy Peters, Lead Agent at The Peters Company

New Atlanta Home Buyers :: Homestead Exemption :: You must file!

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Dearest 2014 Peters Company Homebuyers,

I BEG of YOU… If you read nothing all year long from us, please don’t ignore this…

Sitting in a closing a few months ago, I met a seller who never realized he could file for “Homestead Exemption” on his primary residence. So, for the past 6 years that he owned his home, he was paying property taxes with no homestead exemption (i.e. property tax discount for primary residents)! Not only did that cost him thousands upon thousands of dollars per year for the past 6 years, it also cost our buyers months of increased property taxes until they could file for homestead exemption in the New Year!

Make sure you do whatever you must do to file for your homestead exemption TODAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Homestead Exemption?

A homeowner is generally entitled to homestead exemption on the home and land that was owned by the homeowner and was their legal residence as of January 1st of the taxable year.

How do I qualify?

To receive homestead exemption, a person must actually occupy the home and the home is considered their primary legal residence.

How do I apply?

You’ve come to the right place! You may need to provide your warranty deed book and page, proof of residence, social security numbers, drivers license and car tag info.

See below for your specific county deadline, website with application instructions, and phone number:

Gwinnett County – deadline is April 1, 2015


Fulton County – deadline is April 1, 2015


DeKalb County – deadline is April 1, 2015


Cobb County – deadline is April 1, 2015


Cherokee County – deadline is April 1, 2015


Forsyth County – deadline is April 1, 2015


Your very concerned real estate agent,

Lesley Peters

Managing Agent, The Peters Company

Metro Atlanta Real Estate Market Update :: 3rd Quarter

Thursday, November 20th, 2014
One of the reasons we love The Rawls Group at Keller Williams is because of the amazing tools and educational opportunities we, as agents, are given! On Thursday, November 6th, we had the great pleasure of attending the 3rd Quarter Metro Atlanta Statistics Presentation at LeFont Theater with Shaun Rawls. We went through 89 pages of charts about the recent state of the Metro Atlanta Market. And, it’s good folks. It’s good!

Do you remember when you could put your house on the market for the price you wanted and get it? Well, those days are back! I won’t bore you with paragraph after paragraph of laborious details. However, I do want to touch on the highlights. It’s good to know whether you are buying, selling, or just staying put! Who doesn’t want to hear good news?

  • Keller Williams :: Since 2010, Keller Williams has remained #1 in market share of closed transactions in Atlanta! YTD, Keller Williams has 21.5% market share in Metro Atlanta. The next highest brokerage is at 8.1% market share.
    • Moral of the Story :: Do business with a Keller Williams team (particularly The Peters Company)! They are dominating the market!
  • Sales YTD :: Year to date 2014 sales are flat over the same period last year. Once lagged closings catch up, we may see a slight increase over 2013. Sales started out with a very slow 1st Qtr 2014 compared to the previous year. This was experienced nation-wide and Metro Atlanta followed suit.
    • Condos :: While detached sales were flat, the condo market is up 7.4%. Why? Because the median sales price of detached single family homes rose so quickly! Condos became a good value and opportunity for many people.
    • ITP :: Intown sales were actually up 14% overall. They’ve been the economic tow truck for the rest of the market.
    • New Construction :: New home sales actually made up 8.8% of 3rd Qtr 2014 sales. I’d say new construction is HOT!
    • Distressed Sales :: The percentage of foreclosures and short sales in 3 Qtr 2014 was -9.8 percentage points lower than the same quarter last year. 55% of distressed sales are in price points below $200,000. Gone are the days of deals… The deal is getting a  house! Did I mention multiple offers abound?
  • Inventory :: Whoa! We need inventory! We’re in a Seller’s Market with only 3.9 months of inventory. What does that mean? At our current sales rate, it would take less than 4 months to sell the current listing inventory if no other listings came on the market. Keep in mind that 6 months is considered a balanced market.
    • Perspective :: In May of 2008, Metro Atlanta had 39,615 listings. In September 2014, Metro Atlanta only had 15,517 listings.
    • Moral of Story :: Now is a GREAT time to sell! And, you’re thinking… Duh?
  • Sales Price :: Even though the 3rd Qtr 2014 sales were mostly flat, the median sales price rose 7.1% compared to 3rd Qtr 2013.
    • It’s baaaackk… The median sales price in September 2014 was higher than the previous high median September price reached in 2007. Back to the Good Ole Days!  We are setting new highs in price.
  • What Metro Atlanta Sellers Can Expect…
    • Sales to Original List Price Ratio :: With prices on the rise and decreased inventory, sellers are averaging 95.8 percent of their original list price.
    • Days on Market :: Continued low supply in 3 Qtr 2014 helped maintain a lower days on market median at 45 days.
    • Incidence of Price Reductions :: With limited inventory, sellers are starting to push the envelope on prices. In 3 Qtr 2014, Metro Atlanta increased to 41.4% of properties taking a price reduction from 37.2% in 2nd Qtr 2014.
  • What Peters Company Sellers Can Expect…
    • Sales to Original List Price Ratio :: We’re outperforming the market. On average, we’re receiving 97.8% of original list price! Our seller clients are getting 2% more than the average Atlanta agent is getting their clients!
    • Days on Market :: Yet again, we’re outperforming the market. On average, we’re selling homes in 17.5 days! Our listings are selling in almost a month less than the average Atlanta agent. Just think… That’s another mortgage payment.

For sellers, the news is GREAT! If you price correctly out of the gate, you can expect to arrive at a sales price very close to your list price and minimize showings to a few short weeks! What are you waiting on? Call Andy at 404-419-3619 to get the ball rolling on selling your home today!

Just Listed :: Charming Ranch in Duluth Swim/Tennis!

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

3495 River Summit Trail Flyer front

3495 River Summit Trail Flyer back

Welcome home! Quiet and convenience abound in this wonderful home! This open floor plan with custom features and charming character will never go out of style. The close proximity to I-85, Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, and Buford Highway makes this home convenient to and from any direction. Nearby attractions include Gwinnett Place Mall, Discover Mills, and the Gwinnett Arena. The home is nestled between great neighbors in a bustling swim/tennis neighborhood.


-Single level living with a great flowing floor plan.
-Recently remodeled kitchen features granite counters, stylish backsplash, island, breakfast area, and pantry.
-Spacious living room has vaulted ceiling and gas starter fireplace.
-Separate dining room is perfect for entertaining.
-Master bedroom is a true retreat including a vaulted ceiling, walk-in closet, and bathroom with double vanity, heated floors, garden tub, and separate shower.
-Two additional bedrooms are well-sized and bright.
-The patio is ideal for outdoor enjoyment and entertaining.
-A two car garage easily fits vehicles and has extra storage space.
-Wonderful community amenities include a pool, tennis courts, lake, and playground.



Congratulations, Patrick! Your Briaridge home in Lakeside HS is SOLD!

Monday, September 29th, 2014

2891 thornbriar

Congratulations, Patrick! After 11 days on the market, your Briaridge home in the beloved Lakeside High School district is officially SOLD! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you finding us on the internet, reading and trusting our past reviews, and hiring us to get your home SOLD! It was a pleasure working with you! And, it’s no doubt that your home was well-loved with a back-up offer to boot! Thank you for your trust in us! We hope to work with you again in the future!

Just Listed :: Beautiful John Willis Home in Smyrna

Friday, September 26th, 2014

2861 Bernard Lane SE Flyer front

2861 Bernard Lane SE Flyer back

Welcome home! Spring Street Village is a wonderful neighborhood in the incredibly popular and fast growing Smyrna area of Cobb County. The open floor plan, custom features, and charming character of this John Willis built home will never go out of style. The close proximity to I-285 and I-75 makes this property convenient to and from any direction. You’ll also have easy access to the other highways, byways, and activities that make this location such a well-loved destination. You will certainly enjoy being only minutes to Smyrna Market Village, Vinings shopping, and several city parks.


  • Loaded with craftsman touches, custom features and a great open floor plan.
  • Kitchen features stainless steel appliances, marble counters, pantry, and breakfast area.
  • Separate dining room is perfect for entertaining.
  • Hardwoods floors on the main level.
  • Spacious family room has built-ins and gas fireplace.
  • Master on main is a true retreat including a trey ceiling and large walk-in closet.
  • Master bath has a double vanity, garden tub, and separate shower.
  • Three additional bedrooms on the second floor are well-sized and bright.
  • The two car garage easily fits vehicles with ample space for storage.
  • The covered patio and fenced backyard are ideal for outdoor enjoyment and entertaining.
  • Home fronts beautiful and serene Durham Park.



Congratulations, Haven REI! Your Telford Manor New Construction is now SOLD OUT!

Friday, September 26th, 2014


What an exciting adventure it was to help Haven REI in the acquisition and sale at Brookhaven’s Telford Manor neighborhood! Over 2 years ago, talks began for Haven REI to purchase two lots in Brookhaven and subdivide them into 4 homes! We had the great pleasure of helping Haven sell these lovely homes. The last one at 2336 Coosawattee Drive in Brookhaven is officially SOLD! This gorgeous new construction home even featured a future option to build out the 3rd story attic into additional living space. The street scape has sure changed on Coosawattee and Telford thanks to Haven REI’s development of these new beautiful homes!

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