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Just Listed :: Chamblee Brick Traditional!

Friday, August 26th, 2016

3721 Harts Place Flyer front3721 Harts Place Flyer back

Welcome home! Nestled on a quiet cul-de-sac in the popular Harts Place neighborhood, this gorgeous home has it all. The flowing floor plan, custom features, and charming character will never go out of style. The close proximity to Ashford Dunwoody Road, I-285, and GA400 makes it convenient to and from any direction. You’ll love being close to many restaurants and shopping spots in nearby Brookhaven as well as the area surrounding Perimeter Mall. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy being just around the corner from Blackburn Park and Murphey Candler Park! It’s also located in a highly sought after school district which includes Montgomery Elementary!


· Spacious eat-in kitchen features stainless steel appliances, tons of cabinet and counter space, island with breakfast bar, office nook, and a walk-in pantry.

· Large formal dining room is perfect for entertaining guests or hosting holiday gatherings. It can accommodate furniture of any size.

· Family room boasts a soaring ceiling, beautiful built-ins with a wet bar, and a cozy gas starter fireplace.

· The peaceful sunroom overlooks the private and serene backyard.

· Main level master suite is a true retreat including a trey ceiling, dual walk-in closets, and a private bathroom.

· Spa-like master bathroom has dual vanities, jetted tub, separate shower, fresh paint, and new tile.

· Additional upstairs bedrooms are well-sized and bright, and are connected by a wonderful Jack and Jill style bathroom.

· Finished basement includes a bar, rec area, bedroom, full bathroom, workshop, and unfinished storage.

· Two car garage easily fits vehicles.

· Wonderful outdoor space includes a deck and two patios.

· Great location convenient to interstates, parks, restaurants, and shopping.


School’s in Session :: Investing in Real Estate in College Towns

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

CollegeKidsWith summer coming to an end and fall just around the corner, kids and parents alike have prepared for school. From shiny new school supplies to stylish new clothes, the beginning of the school year can often feel like it’s sucking your bank account dry. What if it could be just the opposite though? Have you ever considered investing in real estate in a college town? Here are some pros and cons that you may want to consider:


  • Sizable Tenant Pool- Housing can be a hot commodity in college towns. Each year tens of thousands of students move to these areas across the country. This allows for a large pool of prospective tenants who will be competing for the opportunity to rent your property. This could mean that you can be more selective as to who your rent to and allow you to rent your property faster.
  • Consistent Rent- Due to the high demand of housing for students and those associated with a university, properties in these areas generally retain their value well. This means that rental prices tend to stay stable unlike other markets which may experience more flucuation that could affect what landlords can charge. Something else to consider is that many parents pay for their children’s rent. This may mean that you can get by charging a little higher rent since a parent’s budget tends to be larger than that of a student.
  • Easy Marketing- College towns tend to sell themselves. They bring an assortment of activities and entertainment options to the area which can draw people in. Many dining and shopping spots are easily available too. Students often don’t have access to cars, so public transportation is readily available. All of these work together to create a lifestyle that can be very attractive to potential tenants.


  • High Turnover- Tenants tend to be short-term. Students are known to move around a lot in college, often switching roommates, living on campus vs. off campus, etc. The student population rotates with each new semester and it’s unlikely to have a tenant sign a lease for more than a year, if even that.
  • Seasonality- There is obviously an influx of students needing housing in the fall. It’s very likely to see a slow down during the summer months when many students return home. You’ll need to plan ahead for potential vacancies during those slower months.
  • Wear and Tear- It’s no secret that students can be hard on a property. Add into the mix large parties or the fact that mom and dad are paying the rent, and things could get pretty bad. It’s not uncommon for damage to exceed the security deposit. As the owner you will care much more about the property than a tenant, especially a young college student.

Are you ready to go back to school? If so, The Peters Company would be honored to help you learn the ins and outs of investing in college towns! Give us a call today at 404-419-3619!

Written by Heather Thomas, Listing Coordinator, The Peters Company


Your Paint Colors Could Affect Your Mood

Friday, July 29th, 2016

NL-200X150-paintswatchesCongrats! You’ve just closed on your new home (with The Peters Company, of course!) You, like many new homeowners, will probably start with a fresh coat of paint to make your new home feel like “yours”.

Of course you’ll choose paint colors that are appealing to you and many of you might even think about if the color(s) you choose will make the room feel darker/lighter and larger/smaller, but have you ever thought about how the colors you choose for your home will affect the mood of the people living there?

That’s right! It’s important to choose your colors wisely, as color can psychologically affect our moods. “Color is a universal, nonverbal language, and we all intuitively know how to speak it. What color you paint your walls isn’t just a matter of aesthetics.  It’s a tool that can be leveraged to affect emotions and behavior” says Leslie Harrington, a color consultant (source).

Let’s take a quick look at the colors and how they may affect us!

Red: A high energy and intense color. It has been shown to raise your adrenaline, heart rate, and blood pressure levels. It can also draw people together and stimulate conversation. Best used in dining rooms and living rooms.

Orange: Creates excitement, enthusiasm, and is also an energetic color. This color can appear raw and flamboyant. It’s suggested use is in a workout area/room.

Yellow: Communicates happiness, hope, and optimism.  While some studies show that yellow can create a welcoming and positive feeling, other studies show that if used in large amounts, yellow can create feelings of frustration and anger. Best used in kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms.

Green: With its soothing affect, green represents renewal and youth.  It is a calming and restful color.  Green is believed to relive stress and promote comfort and togetherness. Is thought to be the most versatile paint color and can be used in almost any room of the home.

Blue: A calming, relaxing, and serene color.  Unlike red, blue has been shown to bring down blood pressure, heart rate, and slow your breathing. In most studies, blue often ranks as the “most popular” color.  Be careful not to choose a shade that is too dark – it can feel cold and sad. Most blues are a perfect choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Purple: Can be a tricky color. The dark versions (eggplant) promote the feelings of rich, dramatic, sophisticated, luxurious and creativity. The lighter shades (lilac) can give the same restful qualities as blue. Purple is shown to stimulate brain activity.  It is best used as an accent color.

Neutral (Black, White, Gray, Brown): Are, obviously, the most flexible colors. Black is best used as an accent color to ground any room.  It can make most paint color schemes feel elegant, formal, and sophisticated. However, too much black can be depressing, so choose wisely. White conveys peace, simplicity, and spaciousness. It can lend a crisp finish to any paint job.

Still looking for your perfect home to choose the paint colors for? Give The Peters Company a call today, we’d love to help!

Written by Katelyn Sheffield, Transaction Coordinator, The Peters Company


Why did Live-Work-Play Communities Evolve?

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

mixed-useWhen I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, suburbia was IT! Quiet neighborhoods and being removed from the chaos of being in the city, was most desirable. Suburbs were synonymous with safety, security, and community.

In the past couple of decades, people realized that it would save time, energy, and money to live close to where they worked, shopped, ate, went to church/synagogue, etc. Especially in cities like Atlanta, DC, LA, and Chicago where traffic is horrendous.

Developers and city planners foresaw that people’s quality of life was affected by long work commutes and distance from conveniences and they provided the solution: build communities where you live, work and play. (And eat and shop etc.)

Some examples of these communities include Atlantic Station, Buckhead, Atlanta, Town Brookhaven, Avalon, and the new Gateway at Windsor Parkway and Roswell Roads. These developments are a response to our desire to have everything we need close at hand.

If you want more information about Live – Work – Play communities, we can help!

In 1943, Abraham Maslow published “A Theory of Human Motivation,” which included what is now known as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It puts forth the theory that our basic human needs must be satisfied before we can become the evolved, self-actualized social beings that (we think) we are. Those primary needs include shelter and property (live); employment and financial security (work); health, well-being, basic socializing and “belongingness” (play); food and water (eat); and finally clothing and “security of resources” (shop).

Written by Dore Brooks, Buyer Specialist, The Peters Company


Definition of a GOOD Neighbor

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

NeighborThis week, I had a neighbor incident. You see, we have 5 renters living in a home across the street from us! Great for our property value, I know! And, one chooses to park on our side of the street every single day/night. It’s gone on for almost a year. We’ve just gotten used to it and truly she has the prerogative to park there. We don’t own the street. However, this week, the car rolled up and decided to park in front of our mailbox and block our front steps and walkway. See picture…

So, it got me to thinking… Do people really know how to be a good neighbor? I could list wonderful ways such as sharing sugar, giving holiday gifts, and having one another over for dinner. However, I’ll just stick to the basics.

In real estate, one of the first questions buyers want to know before making an offer on a home is “How are the neighbors?” And, rarely, do they get an opportunity to meet them prior to going under contract on the home unless we just get really lucky and meet them during a showing! So, we look for all the signs of hitting the neighbor jackpot before actually meeting them.

Here are a few things we look for…

  • Is their yard nicely maintained? Mowed? Edged? Trees Trimmed?
  • Is their home well maintained? Or is there rotten wood? Signs of deterioration? Deferred maintenance?
  • Where are their cars parked? What condition are they in? Are they up on stilts in the driveway?
  • Are pets running loose? Barking loudly? Growling from afar?

All of these are questions I’m trying to answer when touring a home that a client LOVES!  Because, not only are my clients going to have to live near them, but neighbors also can have an affect on their home’s value. And… you think I’m kidding! Can’t tell you how many times we’ve lost buyers on listings because the neighbor had noisy chickens, their house was boogery, or the pit bull was frightening. Seriously, it happens.

So, be a GOOD neighbor!

  • Show pride in your home. Properly maintain your home and yard.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors whether that’s parking your car in appropriate locations or keeping your pets maintained and quiet!

Looking for a home with better neighbors?

The Peters Company can help! Give us a call at 404-419-3619 today!

Written by Lesley Peters


Atlanta Restaurant Tours

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Oysters photoIt is no secret that Atlanta is an up and coming foodie city. It feels like every time I turn around there are new restaurants opening. I can never get through my list of places that I want to go before adding a few more. Because of this ongoing problem, my friends and I have started doing what we like to call “restaurant tours.”

A “restaurant tour” is one-part pub crawl and one-part progressive dinner. For those of you who don’t know, progressive dinners traditionally are where you get a group of friends together and each family hosts one portion of the meal at their respective houses. For example, one family serves a salad, the next house might serve an appetizer, the third house the main course, and the forth house a dessert, etc.

On our restaurant tours, we hop from one restaurant to another, getting a drink and a sample of the menu (eaten family style). We have found that by doing this, we have been able to figure out which restaurants have the best food, drinks, service, and ambiance to warrant a full sit down dinner since we are all busy and have limited time to have full meals in every restaurant. It’s best to keep your group small (4 people max) and go on Sunday afternoons.  That way you can sit at the bar or easily get a table. You’ll also want to choose restaurants that are close in proximity so you can walk in between stops.

Our first “restaurant tour” was in Inman Park and went a little something like this:

2:30pm :: Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall :: We met up at Ladybird to get our day started.  It was one of the first warm days of spring, so we opted to sit outside in their patio area. However, the inside has several different areas to choose from all offering a campfire and lodge theme.

3:30pm :: A short walk down the Beltline to our next stop.

4:00pm :: Beetlecat :: Our appetizer course.  Since Beetlecat is a seafood restaurant, we opted for baked oysters, a dozen blue point oysters, and prosecco. The oysters were fantastic and the service was good, despite how busy they were at the time.

5:30pm :: MF Sushi :: For our next course we decided on sushi. We devoured the lobster box, negi salmon roll, and sake. It was some of the better sushi we’ve had in Atlanta, but the service was slow.

7:00pm :: Barcelona Wine Bar :: We ended our evening at Barcelona.  We had all been there several times before, but how can you say no to Barcelona!? We were able to slide in at the bar to start out last course with a glass of red wine. There are so many good choices, making the decision tough.  We ended up with the hanger steak, scallops, pulpo gallego (potatoes), and their warm bread.  Of course we topped it off with a little dessert! It gets a little loud in the bar area to talk, but the service was still pretty quick for the crowd.

There are groups of restaurants all over Atlanta begging to be in your next tour! If you need more suggestions of where to start, The Peters Company is always here to help!

Written by Katelyn Sheffield, Transaction Coordinator, The Peters Company


Beat the Atlanta Heat

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

SunCongratulations! If you are reading this, then you have successfully NOT melted from the blazing Atlanta temperatures that have come about the past few weeks. Summer is here and it is a hot one. Let us help you find some fun activities around town, so that you can avoid pooling into a puddle like a stick of butter left in the microwave for too long.

  1. Centennial Olympic Park’s Fountain of Rings:    One of Atlanta’s most iconic fountains. The fountain runs 4 times a day at 12:30, 3:30, 6:30 and 9:00 365 days a year. Music plays while the fountains shoot water from the ground and kids splash around with their friends. You can even go on their website and see what playlist they’ll be jamming to at each time. Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen.
  2. College Football Hall of Fame:    If you haven’t been, can you really say you live in the south? Upon entering you are given an interactive badge. You are directed to a kiosk where you enter your information and pick your favorite college football team. While touring the facility, different exhibits will recognize your badge and which team you cheer for. You can head to the field and kick field goals, sit in a booth and announce some of college football’s greatest plays, get in front of the camera and do your best Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit, and the list goes on. If you aren’t a big football fan, no worries. There is a Chick-Fil-A attached to the building…and who doesn’t love CFA?
  3. Porsche Experience Center:    Ever wanted to feed your inner Ricky Bobby? Head south towards the airport to Porsche’s new facility where you can drive laps (very fast) around their 1.6 mile course, ride wildly with a professional driver, take an off-road trip in the Porsche Cayenne and anything else that will fuel your need for speed. Make a day of it and enjoy lunch at their on-site restaurant.

These are just a few of the MANY exciting things our great city has to offer. Whether you want to be inside or outside on the warm, sunny days, Atlanta has it all!

Written by Shiloh Sadoti, Buyer Specialist, The Peters Company


Summer Family Fun :: Best Atlanta Area Memberships

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Heather and ReidSchool is out for the summer and now many parents are trying to figure out how to keep their kids entertained for the next couple of months. Sure, there are the obvious options such as the neighborhood pool, going to the movie theater, bowling, etc., but how something a little more exciting that you could do as often as you like for one price? You should definitely check out some of the wonderful memberships available at many nearby Atlanta attractions. As a mom of two young children, here are a few of my favorites:

Zoo Atlanta– This is my absolute favorite membership. Maybe it’s because of all of the cute animals or maybe it brings up fond childhood memories, but either way I just love going with my family on an outing to the zoo. I also think that this is probably the best bang for your buck. It basically pays for itself in only one visit! Aside from looking at all of the awesome wildlife, the zoo also has a splash pad, train ride, carousel, and playground! Plenty of fun options for everyone! A zoo membership also gets you discounts on food and merchandise. More info here.

The Georgia Aquarium– Don’t want to be out in the Georgia heat? Then this is the one for you! Atlanta is home to the world’s largest aquarium- pretty cool! Not only do you get to see tons of awesome sea creatures, but this membership can also get you into some exciting behind the scenes activities. It may be a little pricier than other memberships and the parking certainly isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it! More info here.

Stone Mountain Park– For people who enjoy the outdoors (like my husband), this is the membership for you. An annual parking pass is only about $40 and grants you access to hike numerous trails, climb the mountain, or play on the main lawn. Plenty of activities to wear out the kiddos 🙂 You can also purchase a “Mountain Membership” which allows you to ride on the Scenic Railroad, take the cable cars up to the top of Stone Mountain, see a show at the 4-D theater, and so much more! Of course the laser show is always a big hit too! More info here.

These are just a few of the memberships available around Metro Atlanta. Other favorites include The Botanical Gardens, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, and The Children’s Museum. As we always say, The Peters Company loves to live, work, and PLAY in Atlanta. Let us help you find some fun things to do this summer!

Written by Heather Thomas


Something Different this 4th of July?

Thursday, June 30th, 2016
fireworks photo

If you’ve been in Atlanta for a couple of years or so, you probably know that some of the best 4th of July firework displays are held at Lenox Square, Centennial Olympic Park, Lake Lanier Islands, and Stone Mountain’s Fireworks and Laser Show. But if you’re looking for something a little bit more low-key and off the beaten path, or just different, here are a few places you might want try this year!

Callaway Gardens – July 4th Star Spangled Beach Party at Robin Lake Beach. The event includes beach activities, live music, a flying circus and a fireworks extravaganza. It will be a great time for the entire family! If you want to stay overnight, packages start at $209 at the Mountain Creek Inn and include admission to the festivities and gardens. More info here.

Mall of Georgia’s 14th annual Star Spangled Fourth – This event will include children’s rides and inflatables, live music, food and beverage vendors, and a variety of games with the chance to win prizes from participating Mall of Georgia stores. They will also feature a special Movies Under The Stars presentation on a 70-foot big screen and then one of the largest fireworks display in the county! If you live up this way, you won’t want to miss out on this 4th of July fun!

If you live up 75 in the northern parts, you might want to check out the fireworks in Acworth’s Cauble Park at Lake Acworth. There will be live music starting at 4pm, then at dark featuring a spectacular fireworks show overlooking the lake. There will also be food and drink vendors on site. More info here.

East Point’s Red, White and Blue 4th of July Hometown Celebration – This event will feature a merchandise vendor market, music all evening, a food court and fireworks show. Fireworks start at 9:30pm and will synchronize with the music! More info here.

Whatever you decide to do, be safe and enjoy! Happy Independence Day!

Written by Kimber Bond

Weekend Adventures :: Escape the City

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Portrait of couple of hikers in the countryside at summer

Ready to escape the city for a quick get-away? If you live ITP (Inside the perimeter) you are so close to some of Georgia’s greatest hidden treasures. Why travel far when you can hop on 85 North and be at a bed and breakfast on lake lanier, wine tasting or hiking in the great Georgia Mountains? Only an hour away.

Adventure Seekers::

If you are itching to get out into nature and not sure where to go, here are some great options.


Rent a boat on Lake Lanier::

Did you know you can rent your own boat, jet ski etc? Click here for a great company I recommend. You can check out different restaurants along the lake and even stop by the Lake Lanier Water Park for the kids. My all time favorite restaurant is Fish Tails. They have a great patio overlooking the marina and live bands.

Go hiking, fishing, biking or camping::

There are so many options to explore here. I will name two of my favorite. Fort Yargo State Park is located in my hometown, Winder, Georgia. The park offers a 260 acre lake, over 20 miles of hiking, running and biking trails, disc golf, tennis courts, basketball courts and playgrounds. This is a great day trip or overnight camping trip. If you want to go even further north, check out Tallulah Gorge State Park. The gorge has six cascading falls that you can hike to.

Indoor Gold and Gem Mining::

On a rainy day, you can go gold panning, gemstone mining and take a tour of a mine. Great activity for the kids. They will have a great time finding treasures and learning. Check out Consolidated Gold Mine in Dahlonega, GA.

Relaxing Weekend::

If you need a vacation and need to unwind, here are some relaxing and rejuvenating places to visit.

Wine Tasting and resort::

At Chateau Elan you can enjoy the spa, a round of golf, wine tasting and an amazing hotel. They offer a variety of dining options. They range from casual to intimate fine dining. My personal favorite is the spa. (Guys, if you are looking for a romantic getaway for your wife, this is the best option!)

Bed and Breakfast::

There are numerous options for Bed and Breakfast. A great website to use is If you want to combine bed and breakfast near a winery, check out Wolf Mountain Vineyards and find a place in Dahlonega. Lake Lanier Islands also offers a variety of accommodations. They have a lodge, private villas, lake houses, and campgrounds. When looking for fun and unique places to stay, I personally use

Eat at the Dillard House::

If you are looking for comfort food, you have to check out the Dillard House. If you are looking for a family style lunch/dinner with generous portions of southern food, this is a must. This is an easy day trip. It is located very close to other wineries. They also offer accommodations.

As you can see, Georgia has several options so close to home. Please let me know if you ever have any questions at all or would like more recommendations for getaways in Northeast Georgia. Residing in the Northeast part of Atlanta, I can point you in the right direction. Give us a call at 404-419-3619!

Written by Amy Wade, Buyer Specialist, The Peters Company



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