Congrats, Betsy and Wes on selling your home in Peachtree Corner’s Amberfield neighborhood!


Congratulations, Wes and Betsy on selling your gorgeous home in Peachtree Corner’s Amberfield neighborhood! We never dreamed when you bought a little over a year ago, you’d be leaving us for Raleigh. However, if you were to pick any home to live in for a little over a year… you picked an awesome one in Simpson Elementary’s beloved Amberfield neighborhood. In the year you were there, you saw steady appreciation which has not been the case for every neighborhood and area. You guys did make a great buying decision!

We wish you guys the best in Raleigh and hope you’ll visit us in Atlanta! It’s sad to see another Hubbard sibling leave Atlanta. But, we feel blessed to have worked with you guys while you were here. Thank you for your trust in us! Hope to see you at Furman’s homecoming and hear all about your new home in Raleigh!

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