Don’t Settle for Good

Have you ever experienced a two year-old not getting their way? Have you ever witnessed one of these epic meltdowns in public? A two year-old can dismantle a simple trip to the grocery store or a family night out at a restaurant.

A two year-old has a way of getting what they want by kicking and screaming.

Now imagine that same two year-old is sick and must take medicine. I remember very vividly (maybe not at the age of two) fighting my mom while she was trying to convince me that the medicine that I thought was gross would make me feel better.

She still made me take the medicine because she knew it would make me feel better and ultimately alleviate whatever was wrong with me.

What does this have to do with real estate?

A great agent, much like a caring mother to her child, has their client’s best interest in their heart and mind. They are not afraid to have the tough-love conversations to ultimately help their client sell or buy a home at the best price with the least amount of hassle.

When choosing an agent, ask yourself…

Does the agent come with evidence to support their strategy?

Do they even have a strategy?

Are they willing to voice their disagreement with you?

This last question might sound like a strange standard. Imagine the agent that isn’t willing to stand up to you. How well do you think they are going to do when negotiating with another professional fighting for a different price during the transaction?

A great agent won’t just appease someone to get them as a client. That’s what good agents do. If you’re tired of working with good agents, call The Peters Company.

With over 81 years of combined real estate experience among our team members and ranked among the top 100 Keller Williams Teams in the country, we don’t settle for good.

Written by Ray Ciafardini, Internal Sales Agent, The Peters Company

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