Insurance Tidbits: Why does Homeowner’s Insurance get short sided?


One of the easiest ways to achieve success is to always surround yourself with good people.  In business, I’ve always found a way to build a strong network team of professionals that I know and trust.  These pros provide me with wise counsel, add value to what I do, and just as importantly, provide my clients’ with the same level of service and knowledge that I strive to give.  One of those professionals on our team is Brad Trussell, an All State Exclusive Insurance Agent.  Brad happens to be our personal insurance agent, and Lesley and I appreciate his willingness to consult with us and our clients on the differences, pitfalls, and benefits of insurance coverage.  I have asked Brad to contribute periodically to our blog.  My goal is to provide relevant information across the board for the homebuying consumer.  I hope you find the information helpful.  This particular article by Brad is about the importance of getting your homeowner’s insurance right.  Many thanks to Brad for his valuable insight.

Insurance Tidbits:  Why does Homeowner’s Insurance get short sided?

by Brad Trussell, All State Exclusive Agent (

When is the last time that you turned on the TV and saw a commercial about Homeowner’s insurance?  Auto insurance gets all the press in the commercials you see on TV, and while it does carry the most potential exposure liability, what is the biggest and most valuable asset that you own?

The most common mistake seen in the homeowner’s insurance market is a homeowner’s policy that insures the home for the market/sell price.  The reason for this mistake is that when you buy a home, you are buying the home AND the land that the home sits on (also known as “the lot”).  However, there is no homeowner’s insurance policy that provides coverage for the dirt that the home is built upon (your homeowner’s policy will provide liability coverage for incidents that take place on the property, but there is no physical damage coverage).  Therefore, your insurance agent should work with you when writing your homeowner’s policy to ensure that you are not over-insuring your home, or worse yet, under-insuring your home.

Most insurance agents have access to a company provided estimator that uses the characteristics of your home to calculate an appropriate replacement value (cost to re-build your home).  Examples of these characteristics can be: exterior walls (brick, siding, stucco), number of bathrooms, is the home built on a slab, have a crawlspace or basement, among many others.  Another measure in calculating a replacement cost of your home would be to know the “cost per square foot”.  Typically, homes can range from $100/sq. ft. to $180 sq. ft. depending on the size and materials used to build the home.  Once you obtain this square foot value, you simply multiply the cost per square foot by the square footage of your home, but make sure to back out any garage and basement square footage.

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