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It’s getting cold this week! Hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner, and that generally means real estate amongst other things. What I’m seeing right now is that the market’s shift has finally allowed those homeowners who purchased in the high times to consider a move. Finally, right?!? I’m already going on


Our first broker, Brad Feiman, would always say something changes this time of year in the real estate market, but it’s not what you might think. If you’re lucky enough to survive the onslaught of activity in spring and early summer followed by the dog days of summer where we always, without fail, question why


On July 22, we sold our 100th home of the year. In fact, we’ve now sold more homes YTD than we sold all last year… making 2015 our BEST YEAR EVER! To celebrate, we honored one of our favorite charities 100 for the Homeless. Click the YouTube video to the left to see Lesley and Andy’s children tell you a


Well, it’s that time of year again: taxes have been filed and spring cleaning is in full force.  Now that you have your tax refund, what are you going to do with it? Maybe you’ll be one of the 12% of Americans (according to a taxsoftware.com survey) that will put it towards home improvements. If


So you’re selling your house, and all you know is that you need to talk to a real estate agent.  If you’re talking to one, you might as well talk to two, right? Well, about 65% of people only interview one agent, but I digress. Let’s say you are talking to two real estate agents.

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