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As is customary, The Peters Company brings you this monthly market snapshot for the metro Atlanta area.  We believe in market statistics, and we are proud to provide you with the best stats in the metro area from Chartmaster Chuck Carr.  It’s hard to sell homes in this market, but it’s even harder when you


In an effort to bring you the best information on the market possible, we make this research available.  We have a world of data to share with you if you are interested.  Just give us a call or send us an email.  Here’s a little glimpse of what we can provide thanks to Chart Master Chuck


My business card reads Realtor, not Psychic.  Nobody knows when the turnaround will occur in the real estate market for sure.  It’s been said that you don’t know when you’ve reached the bottom until things start to go back up again.  On a national level, I’ve heard “experts” say the end of the first quarter.  I’ve heard


When a home goes on the market that is overpriced, the market rejects it and it fails.  A failed listing can come as a withdrawal from the market or an expired listing.  Either one is not good if your goal is to sell your house.  Most of the time a “re-list” is accompanied by a

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