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Have you ever experienced a two year-old not getting their way? Have you ever witnessed one of these epic meltdowns in public? A two year-old can dismantle a simple trip to the grocery store or a family night out at a restaurant. A two year-old has a way of getting what they want by kicking


Recently I was invited by a past client over to his house to catch up, have a drink and just casually talk about the market. I rang the doorbell, and when he opened the door it was like seeing a long lost friend. He immediately reached out for me, grabbed me, hugged me, and squeezed


When we first met Debbie, we realized that she spent most of her time in the air! As a consultant who travels often, Debbie was tired of calling an airport “home” and wanted a place to put roots down for good in Atlanta. Location was key for Debbie who wanted to make sure that she


We’re sending out a big congrats to John on his new Drew Valley bungalow! When we first met John he promised us that he would be one of our best clients, and he was right! John’s theory is that when you need something done, you should hire a professional and let them do what they

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