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First night in your new home! Congratulations! You’ve had a smooth closing and are preparing for the first night in your new home! The kids are tired and so are you…so, let me recommend one last thing that will save you from digging around in those boxes the first evening you have as a family


As a seller, there are several easy ways to make the closing go very well and exceed buyer expectations. I mean, why have a negative experience when you can have an outstanding experience? Some ideas include: Have your house professionally cleaned – including all ceiling fans and the refrigerator/freezer Fill all the nail holes and repaint


As your real estate experts and guides, it is our responsibility and pleasure to get you to the closing table with as little hassle as possible. Many sellers are concerned about their “net” at closing, and there is quite a bit of misconception around what sellers need to pay at closing and what they will


When Mark and Jennie quickly sold their adorable Toco Hills townhome in 9 days with Andy Peters, the race was on for them to work with Jennie Moshure to find their next dream home! Jennie M. was super excited to finally meet another Jenn”ie”, and since the two Jennie’s have a similar style to go

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