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For the first decade I sold real state, I never did an in-depth buyer consult. It seems strange that I didn’t, but no one taught me how. At The Peters Company, we have a standard that as Buyer Specialists, we conduct this meeting prior to taking any clients out to look at homes. Why? Because our


Let’s go back to school for a bit! Research: Research real estate agents before you choose “the one” to work with. Ask to talk to their past clients, look at their numbers (stats), and figure out if their personality style will work well with yours. Find out if they are knowledgeable in the area you


Everybody has a number that would effectively make them move, right? Even if you hadn’t planned to move, maybe, just maybe, you would consider it if you could get that number. Zillow has even caught on to this strategy and has created a feature on their site where homeowners can share their number, but most

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