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Thinking about buying a new home? When does your crystal ball tell you is the best time to buy? Does it tell you to wait to buy a new home in the spring? Wait until summer? How about fall or winter? Does it say a year from now is when the market will be right


We just returned from a vacation to Andy’s favorite beach – Hilton Head Island, SC! While I dream of a home on the gulf, no matter where we vacation I am always interested in the real estate market of our destination. I literally can’t escape real estate – must mean I made the right career


All last year, we real estate agents may have looked like Chicken Little. While we didn’t think the sky was falling, many of us ran around saying “A shift is coming… A shift is coming!”  A market shift, that is.  Why? Because we knew that the real estate market is typically on a 7-year cycle.


I had a client this week tell me that their financial planner told them to move before March of this year for fear of rising interest rates, and it was an ah-ha moment because it reinforces what I know and don’t always share. Did you know that a 1% increase in interest rates can make


Don’t let this opportunity pass you by first timers! We are telling everyone considering buying a first house over the next year to seriously consider the consequences of higher interest rates, a changing market, and the loss of $8,000 in federal tax credit by waiting. The deadline is November 30, 2009, and at this point


We get that question about a handful of times every week.  Just like the real estate market, the answer is rather pat.  We won’t know until things start going up when we have hit the bottom.  The bottom will be in our rear view mirror by the time we figure it out.  Back to the


The latest edition of “This Month in Real Estate” provided by Keller Williams gives us some valuable figures to ponder.  Did you know that a 1% drop in interest rate effectively translates into a 10% discount on the sales price of your new home?  With interest rates still at historic lows and home prices already


Keller Williams produces and distributes very useful information.  The video included below is a nice review of the national market for the month of October including statistics and in depth analysis.  I encourage you to take a look if you are interested in the macro view of the real estate market.  Keep in mind that

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