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by Andy Peters This past Wednesday I was able to attend another fascinating quarterly statistics presentation on the metro Atlanta real estate market. The bull is definitely back in the market. Amongst many eyebrow raising statistics, there was one that I felt captured what we’re experiencing right now better than anything else. Believe it or


   As I’ve mentioned before, the only way to tell if we are in a bottom is after we have ascended out of it (See diagram above on timing the market).  The supply is still outweighing the demand unfortunately.  Having said and seen all that, there’s certainly a case to be made here for improvement.  Some


As is customary, The Peters Company brings you this monthly market snapshot for the metro Atlanta area.  We believe in market statistics, and we are proud to provide you with the best stats in the metro area from Chartmaster Chuck Carr.  It’s hard to sell homes in this market, but it’s even harder when you


My business card reads Realtor, not Psychic.  Nobody knows when the turnaround will occur in the real estate market for sure.  It’s been said that you don’t know when you’ve reached the bottom until things start to go back up again.  On a national level, I’ve heard “experts” say the end of the first quarter.  I’ve heard

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