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As Atlanta’s growth continues to surge, its metro area is projected to be 6th in the nation by the 2040s. This growth brings with it new developments throughout the city, creating many opportunities to explore new neighborhoods and events. Here’s a rundown of new housing developments happening around Atlanta. East Atlanta The construction group Third


Let’s go back to school for a bit! Research: Research real estate agents before you choose “the one” to work with. Ask to talk to their past clients, look at their numbers (stats), and figure out if their personality style will work well with yours. Find out if they are knowledgeable in the area you


We’re all watching closely to see what the real estate market is going to do in 2016! Here at The Peters Company, we feel like we have a superior pulse on the Metro Atlanta market due to the number of transactions we close each year. And, you better believe we watch trends closely! So far

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