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If you are looking to sell your home, be aware that there are nine stages of emotion you may experience. They are as follows: Excitement – This excitement comes from the thought of moving into your new, dream home. Anxiety – You’ll wonder, is our home going to be appealing to others? Will it ever


Thinking about buying a new home? When does your crystal ball tell you is the best time to buy? Does it tell you to wait to buy a new home in the spring? Wait until summer? How about fall or winter? Does it say a year from now is when the market will be right


Congrats, Lauren and Alex on your beautiful new traditional home in Cumming! After Andy quickly sold your townhome, the hunt was on for the perfect place. The goal: to find a house so great you would never have to move again. I think we did it! The minute we stepped into your new home, it was

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