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In 2006, Lesley left her first grade classroom to begin her full-time career in real estate. Every month, Lesley and Andy continued to pay off her college debt for her Masters in Teaching. One month, Andy was frustrated with the payment and said, “I can’t believe we’re paying for this degree that you’ll never use again.” Lesley loves to remind Andy of this statement. The joke is certainly on him as Lesley and Andy can be found in a classroom every week teaching Keller Williams agents across the country.


They are most well-known across the country for their 36 Touch Workshop, which they’ve taught well over 100 times. This 3-hour class gets agents out of their seats and into action as they create a service-first marketing plan for their database. Lesley and Andy also teach KWU approved courses including but not limited to Business Planning Clinic, The Customer Experience, Time Management with the 4-1-1-, QL for Kids, and the 6 Personal Perspectives.

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